Niantic uses AI technology to make Peridot’s pet more “real”.


Peridotthe augmented reality pet game by Nianticwill start using Generative AI (generative AI) to help the game’s cutely colored aliens behave more like the player’s pets.

Starting with today’s update, Niantic’s algorithm will analyze real-world objects captured in-game by players’ phone cameras and then convert those objects into words to parse with Large language model (LLM) – in this case a custom version of Llama program 2.

Additionally, each pet, called Dots, will have its own personality profile – similar to the different classifications of Pokémon – that are included in the LLM. Peridot will then ask the LLM how a Dot with a particular personality type will interact with the objects around it. The language model’s answer would be how the Dots react in the game.

According to Niantic, the Use AI will allow the game to make better use of underused animated assets, which are assets that developers have difficulty programming scenarios to use. “Thanks to a new system that leverages generative AI, those animations are now part of the list of possible reactions,” Niantic shares. The developer hopes this use of AI will make the pets in Peridot more realistic.

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