New revelations about Death Stranding 2 On The Beach in January’s State of Play

Kojima Productions has revealed another trailer for the sequel Death Stranding, Death Stranding 2 On The Beachin State of Play January 31 for PlayStation. Founder of Kojima Productions, genius of the gaming industry Hideo Kojimaintroduced this game for the first time at The Game Awards last year.


In the new trailer, we see characters from the previous game exploring a large, new ship. Once again we see Sam (played by Norman Reedus) helping people reconnect with each other. And this time he brought a…little talking puppet? It even moves in stop-motion style. Such a monstrosity in a Hideo Kojima game? It is truly a very normal thing.​

“Humanity is still in danger. Still on the brink of extinction,” Fragile said. It seems like things are not going well. And now Sam is working with a new group helping people outside the United Cities of America (UCA). This new group is called Drawbridge.


Death Stranding 2 continues the story of Sam confronting Higgs Monaghan, the man in the golden mask, played by actor Troy Baker (who voiced Joel Miller in The Last of Us). A new character played by The Great’s Elle Fanning will also appear. Higgs returns from the dead to take revenge on those who killed him. With a super cool, super combat weapon: an electric guitar that can shoot laser beams and turn into hammer blades.


Players have spent hours staring at protagonist Sam and his back weighed down by packages, in Death Stranding, but that doesn’t make it a boring game. Kojima’s 2019 open-world action game, the genius director’s first title after 2015’s Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and also the debut title of Kojima Productions, is considered a masterpiece. Spectacular product, with smart, consistent and beautiful design. Many people don’t like it, but many more people love it.


Death Stranding is set in an alternate future, where a catastrophic event called Death Stranding has devastated much of the world. The world has been divided into a few remaining cities and outposts. Connecting them are delivery services, shouldered by couriers like Sam, who defy all odds to bring essential supplies to the meager remains of humanity.

Sam is one of the indispensable transporters, spending much of the game traversing snow and treacherous mountains, only to be caught in a hell of struggle and intrigue along the way. In part 2, what dangers will await him?

Death Stranding 2 On The Beach will be released on PS5 sometime in 2025.​

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