Netizens were shocked to discover that Linh Ngoc Dam was actually born in 1920, and was also the wife of a king?

As a prominent name in the Vietnamese streamer village, Linh Ngoc Dam has always been known for her image of a talented and energetic girl in livestreaming and her own business. Her influence on social networks is not average, the evidence lies in the huge number of followers on accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, … But despite being so famous, Linh Ngoc Dam still There is no information above Wikipedia (Online encyclopedia).

The lack of information on Wikipedia has led to an extremely interesting confusion about Linh Ngoc Dam. Recently, when netizens searched for the keyword “Linh Ngoc Dam”, Google suddenly returned results that this female streamer was born in .. 1920, and was also a concubine of ancient kings in China.

If so, this year Dam Tong over 100 years old?

This is impossible because everyone knows that Linh Ngoc Dam was born in 1996 in Hanoi. So why does Google produce such results? The truth was later clarified, the reason this happened was because Linh Ngoc Dam had the same name as a real character in Chinese history. That is Mrs. Dam Ngoc Linh, one of the concubines of the Tuyen Thong Emperor Pho Nghi, the last emperor of Chinese history.

Lady Dam Ngoc Linh and King Pho Nghi.

Although it is considered an Encyclopedia, Wikipedia’s open features such as allowing anyone the right to edit information have led to many facts being distorted, accidentally or intentionally.

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