Nekopara: Catboys Paradise – Otome game captivates players with its dreamlike cast of characters

If you are a fan of the titles otome gameplayers definitely should not miss it Nekopara: Catboys Paradise, the game has just been released by NEKO WORKS for free on Steam, iOS and Android. Otome games always attract a large number of female gamers because of their cast of characters and dreamlike scenery, Catboys Paradise is no exception.​


After your grandfather passed away, you inherited his house and coffee shop. Because you love him so much, you want to continue running the coffee shop, but you don’t know how. At this moment, a school contacts you and asks if you would like to take on some interns with business knowledge. At last resort, you immediately agreed, but no one expected that those interns were not human. They are 4 cat guys who look similar to humans, the journey to save your coffee shop and the 4 handsome guys starts here!

The cat boys will be a great assistant to help players overcome the difficulties and challenges encountered when running a coffee shop. Each of them has their own unique personality and characteristics, which adds to the appeal of this otome game.​




Nekopara: Catboys Paradise was officially available on Steam yesterday (July 15) and received quite positive reactions from the gaming community, with up to 96% of the total 490 player reviews being positive. . Interested readers can download the game here:




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