Naraka: Bladepoint – Which character should beginners choose?

On August 12th, Naraka: Bladepoint – game title Battle Royale Chinese style due to 24 Entertainment development has officially launched to players worldwide. It is known that within the first 24 hours, the game attracted more than 70,000 players, reaching the top 10 hottest games on Steam today.

In Naraka: Bladepoint, players can control 7 characters with different skills. Below, GameHub would like to suggest a few easy-to-use characters for players to get used to this game faster:



TianHai is a flexible character who can easily switch between tank and support roles. TianHai’s Divine Bell F skill can block physical attacks and reflect ranged attacks, making this character one of the perfect candidates in battle. In particular, in Titan’s Call mode, TianHai can transform into a Vajra, grab far away enemies and trample them.

Yoto Hime


Yoto Hime is a new character added when Naraka: Bladepoint was released, simple operation but great damage. Yoto Hime’s F skill, Spirit Slash, can turn a normal sword attack into a long-range attack and allows Yoto Hime to teleport to the enemy’s location. The ultimate move Ominous Blade is considered an enhanced version of Spirit Slash, few enemies can resist it.

Tarka Ji


Tarka Ji has the role of an offensive tank, this character’s F – Inner Fire skill can block melee attacks and allows counterattacks immediately after successful blocking. Tarka Ji’s Gigaflame can launch a fireball that deals heavy damage and knocks up enemies. Overall, this will be an ideal choice for players who like to attack from afar.



Matari has a role quite similar to Yoto Hime but her damage is much lower. However, her skills are quite practical in the process of fleeing and pursuing. This is a character that new players can consider using. use. Matari’s F skill is Silent Flutter – a handy skill for exploration and quick movement, allowing Matari to teleport away with a single tap. Unseen Wings and Matari’s ultimate can reduce Silent Flutter’s cooldown and make her invisible.

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