Nam Guugu – Talented Streamer with a passionate love for livestreaming like his love for the Fatherland

Coming from a family with a tradition of patriotism and studiousness in a mountainous province of the Central Highlands, perhaps that is why, from an early age, a passionate love of country was instilled in both his heart and mind. Nam Guugu. Then when he grew up, he not only studied a major related to State management, but also wholeheartedly responded to the call to participate in anti-epidemic work in Ho Chi Minh City when he registered to become a student. Volunteering during the Covid-19 pandemic is at an unprecedentedly stressful stage.

One would think that such a serious “profile” would have no relationship with gender streamer excitement on the Internet. But no, after hours of studying enthusiastically in class or working hard to control the epidemic, that enthusiastic guy “transformed” and transformed into a talented and active streamer, transmitting positive energy to everyone. community.

Images of President Ho Chi Minh and the national flag often appear in Nam Gaugau’s livestreams.

Today, Gamehub was fortunate to have a chat with special Streamer Nam Guugu. Readers, please join the editorial board to learn and listen to the story of this young man who is both passionate about games and passionate about social work!

Hello Nam Guugu, can you introduce yourself to Gamehub readers?


Hello everyone, my name is Pham Phuong Nam (22 years old) from Lam Dong. Currently I am a Streamer at Fanpage Nam Guugu. People around me comment that I am a talkative and humorous person who can talk about anything. I feel like that’s the special thing about me that makes people most impressed and remembered when they think of me.

Every livestream, I usually spend about 30 minutes to 1 hour chatting with viewers. That’s a way for me and everyone to share sad and happy stories of the day, then I play games and do comedy to bring relaxing laughter to the viewers.

As far as Gamehub knows, Nam started livestreaming around the beginning of 2018 and it has been nearly 4 years now. So what fate brought you to the path of becoming a Streamer and what makes you so attached to this job?

Since high school, I began to have the first concepts of “livestream” as well as “streamer” because I regularly followed PewPew – One of the first “monuments” of streamers in Vietnam. At that time, I was very impressed with this job, because every time I “broadcast” I would be able to chat with everyone. Moreover, I found livestreaming to be quite suitable for a person with a cheerful personality, eager to learn and want to work. others are as happy as me.

That’s why in 2017, after passing the State Management major at Ho Chi Minh City Personnel Academy, I studied and livestreamed to satisfy my long-standing passion. By early 2018, with my parents’ understanding and support for my computer system, I started livestreaming on the platform. Facebook Gaming till now. Even though I love livestreaming, I love studying even more. I always put studying first, so I have now completed my university degree and am waiting to get my degree so as not to disappoint my family.

What interesting things has becoming a Streamer brought to you? And conversely, do you encounter any difficulties?

After achieving what I had wished for for so long, of course I felt very happy and enjoyed it. Besides having more monthly income to spend on personal interests, I can also communicate with more people, so my relationships have also expanded, and more and more people know me. Livestream also helps me gain more knowledge about soft skills, so I know what to do to attract more viewers as well as how to handle different situations, helping me for my future job in management.

But every floating iceberg always has a sinking part that few people know about, the same goes for being a Streamer. Glory and fame are things I don’t deny, but difficulties and challenges always exist alongside it. When I first started livestreaming, there were days when I went live and no one watched or only 1-2 “eyes” which made me quite discouraged. I spend a lot of time thinking about how to develop the page, bring my personal image to more people,…

During the first two years of working hard livestreaming, the money I earned wasn’t enough to pay the monthly electricity and internet bills. That made me hesitate a lot and hesitate whether to give up, but fortunately I had support from my family so I could study and continue my passion. When I first went to university, I was still confused with the curriculum being completely different from high school students, so I couldn’t arrange my schedule scientifically to study and live at the same time. Fortunately, after many efforts, everything worked out and went into the right orbit.

I thought it was peaceful, but it turned out that the difficulties were still rolling like mountains. After economic and timetable issues, I had to face the page being “caned” for violating Facebook’s policies. My efforts to build my first Fanpage with 18,000 followers and stable livestream with about 100 viewers were “abandoned” when I decided to delete the page and start over from scratch because I couldn’t appeal.

Nam Guugu (far left) with K2 Team at the tournament PUBG Mobile UEC Xgaming 2021.

But only with foolishness comes wisdom. I learned from the first time I set up a fanpage and was determined to rebuild everything. And perhaps success is always on the side of those who try, I maintained the livestream on the new page even though the number of viewers was much smaller than before and the turning point came when I participated in the PUBG Mobile UEC Xgaming tournament for international students. country this year. Since then, my fanpage has developed better, now it has more than 12,000 followers. I have also found a new home in the program OTA Plus belong to OTA Networkthe official partner of Facebook Gaming in Vietnam and received a lot of help from the program’s members.

Hearing your confession, Gamehub realizes that your path to becoming a Streamer is not easy. So when you know you do this job, do your family, friends and relatives support (or oppose)?

I am fortunate to have a lot of support and support from my family and friends. Compared to when I was a bit young in high school, when I went to university I became more mature as I lived in a new environment, away from the arms of my family. Seeing my positive change, my parents also feel somewhat reassured. My friends helped me by liking and sharing my first livestreams. At that time, the majority of viewers were acquaintances and loved ones, so they watched for support.

Gradually, more famous friends in the same industry also shared the livestream, helping me get more viewers and popularity. I am very grateful for everyone’s support.

After becoming a Streamer, how do you feel you have changed?

After becoming a Streamer, I found myself in a happier spirit, more “top-notch” gossip, more eloquent communication, and better at handling situations. Perhaps my health is the only thing that has changed in a negative direction. I have lost about 5-7kg while doing this job. Studying and working at the same time makes me think a lot and have become thinner. However, now I can balance my life and maintain a healthy weight.


I also get to know more people who are streamers and professional gamers. In real life, I get more attention so I feel very happy. Even though I’m not famous, many viewers still want to meet me. When I went to Hanoi to attend the finals of the UEC I feel very happy because for me, the success of a Streamer is to be accepted and loved by everyone.

Thank you very much Nam Guugu for taking the time to chat with Gamehub. Before saying goodbye to readers, do you have any words you want to send to everyone as well as some young people who want to follow your path?

I just want to tell everyone: Try to work hard and professionally, livestream on time, try to improve your speaking style, hone your gaming skills. There is a small secret that I have learned: avoid live at the same time as the big Streamers, when they sleep, I do it, when they work, I sleep. Be persistent and try and success will come to you. President Ho Chi Minh had a verse:​

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