Millions of old smartphones and computers may lose the ability to connect to the Internet from October 1

As VTV reported, after September 30, the non-profit organization Let’s Encrypt will stop providing certificates. DST Root CA X3. This is the security certificate used for connection encryption between the user’s device and Internet, preventing the risk of hackers stealing information when transmitting data over the Internet. According to Let’s Encrypt, basically this change does not greatly affect most Internet users around the world, however, there are still millions of smartphones, laptops, computers or game consoles… still using these standards. old generation encryption standard, which will make devices unable to access the Internet if not updated to the new software version.

“Users using macOS 2016 or Windows XP SP3 or earlier, PlayStation 4 or earlier consoles that have not received a firmware upgrade, and using applications based on the OpenSSL 1.0.2 security software library , will not be able to connect to the Internet from October 1,” technology site TechCrunch issued a warning.

Devices running macOS 2016 or Windows XP SP3 or earlier…

For smartphones, if you are using the Android 7.1.1 platform or an iPhone running iOS 10 or earlier, you will be affected by the upcoming change and cannot connect to the Internet.

… and smartphones using the Android 7.1.1 platform or iPhones running iOS 10 or earlier will have difficulty connecting to the Internet from October 1.

To avoid losing Internet connectivity, users need to upgrade their devices to the latest operating system version. For devices that are too old and are no longer supported with operating system upgrades, users should change to a newer device or use these devices for purposes such as playing “jumping dinosaur”.

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