Metal Slug: Awakening kicks off the first eSports tournament for the Run ‘n Gun series

After 3 months of launch, Metal Slug: Awakening quickly affirming the quality and appeal of the “legendary run ‘n gun game” with a community of up to tens of millions of players in 9 markets. In Vietnam alone, the game quickly became the favorite game of hundreds of thousands of gamers, regularly logging in every day to fight with dwarf Rambo.

Following the impressive successes after the launch period, publisher VNGGames recently officially announced information about National championship tournament Metal Slug: Awakening Vietnam (Metal Slug National Championship) first season. This is also the first e-sports tournament for the run ‘n gun genre held in Vietnam.


According to initial information, Metal Slug National Championship will take place offline (concentrated competition) with two regional qualifiers in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, to create the best conditions for gamers nationwide to participate. . The National Finals are expected to take place in the capital Hanoi at the end of December.

The tournament will use 3v3 Mech Battle mode. This is a PvP competition feature in the form of a group of 3 people that is “making waves” in the game Metal Slug: Awakening community. In this mode, players must form a team of 3 with friends and are randomly paired to compete with equally strong opponents. During the competition, both sides must destroy the enemy’s base to win. If the match time ends and no base has been destroyed, the base with higher HP will win.

According to many gamers, Mech Fighting is a highly competitive game mode, requiring both personal skills, teamwork and tactical thinking. The representative of the publisher VNGGames also said that this feature can accurately assess the capabilities of gamers, while also creating excitement and attraction from viewers, completely suitable for use in tournaments. e-sports competition. “From the operations team, VNGGames expects the first season of the Metal Slug: Awakening Vietnam National Championship to be the foundation for the tournament system. eSports professional for the Run ‘n Gun game series, opening up more options for Vietnamese gamers who love this game series in particular and e-sports competition in general.” This representative shared.

Metal Slug: Awakening gamers compete at the National Student Esports Tournament – National Student Open Cup (NSOC) 2023.

Right now, the registration portal for the Metal Slug: Awakening Vietnam National Championship Tournament is open, ready to welcome the gaming community to register at All Metal Slug: Awakening gamers who are 18 years old or older can register to participate with their teammates. When competing, players will use equipment and character accounts provided by the organizers. The registration period will last from November 20 to 23:59 December 1, 2023. The competition times are: Southern Qualifying Round on December 10, Northern Qualifying Round on December 16, and the National Final on December 23, 2023.

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