Meta Quest plans to release a subscription service like Game Pass


Meta are having difficulty selling virtual reality glasses Meta Quest and the company’s virtual reality division has struggled to turn a profit. Giving players a way to get free games through a monthly subscription would likely help Meta recoup some of its losses and give users the chance to experience some games they don’t own.

According to Twitter user ShinyQuagsire, a hidden page on the Meta mobile app indicates that the game pass service is active. Even though this page has been taken down, users can still take screenshots and share them for those who haven’t seen it yet. The content of the hidden page is like an advertisement, introducing users to the concept of the service and what they can expect. Similar to PS Plus, users can choose up to two games or apps per month. The most interesting thing is that users can keep all downloaded applications or games as long as they maintain their subscription to the service.​


While nothing is certain at this point, this is something that might intrigue Meta Quest owners and gamers familiar with the registration service on many other platforms. In addition to PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass, users can get free perks and games through services like Amazon/Twitch Prime and the Epic Games Store. Meta laying the basic foundation to create its own similar service at this time is a completely reasonable direction because Meta Quest 3 is expected to release this year.

Of course, many Meta Quest users probably wouldn’t be interested in such a service. A segment of users and gamers are getting tired of having to pay so many companies every month to use their services. Adding another service to the paid list may not be too appealing for gamers who already subscribe to another platform’s service. And the most important question is how much Meta will charge for this service. That amount of money can influence users’ decisions about the service, especially when the Meta Quest virtual reality headset costs them more than $399 USD.

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