Meet the captain of the 2023 Campus Championship team of Battle Teams 2 (PC Pursuit)

Recently, Campus Championship 2023 is the most notable tournament in December Battle Teams 2 (PC Pursuit). This is the first major tournament of the year exclusively for students nationwide, coordinated by Battle Teams 2 and the Association. Electronic Sports Vietnamese Entertainment (VIRESA) organization. With 22 teams registered to participate, the tournament ended successfully and left many impressions and emotions in the hearts of the gaming community. Overcoming many other “heavyweight” opponents, Rapid Lofi officially crowned Campus Championship 2023.


Campus Championship 2023 is organized by Battle Teams 2 in collaboration with the Vietnam Electronic Sports Entertainment Association (VIRESA)

Please join us in chatting with Le Gia Vuong – Captain of Rapid Lofi to better understand this championship team!

Reporter: Can you introduce a little bit about yourself and the participating members?

Gia Vuong (Rapid Lofi Team Captain): Hello everyone, on behalf of the Rapid Lofi team, I would like to introduce myself and the members. My name is Le Gia Vuong – my ingame nickname is Demike, currently a student at Van Hien University (Ho Chi Minh City). Along with me, in the main team there are: Nam Son (Vico) – student of RMIT University, Gia Minh (MinhSapo) – student of FPT University, Cong Minh (Koo) – student of University FPT, Cong Hieu (Empty) – student at the College of Industry and Trade. And a reserve member is: Nhut Anh – student of FPT University.

Reporter: When did you know about Battle Teams 2? What are some of your feelings about this FPS game (you can add comments to make the product more complete)?

Gia Vuong (Rapid Lofi Captain): I learned about Battle Teams 2 very early, on the Chinese server versions. As someone who has experienced many FPS games, I consider Battle Teams 2 to be an interesting game and worth playing. With a detailed interface, simple but no less eye-catching images and features – diverse game genres attract players as well as create a feeling of closeness. Currently there are still some version issues, update errors… I hope they will be fixed sooner for the smoothest experience.

Battle Teams 2 just released Colorful Territory version 2 on December 19

Reporter: The competing team is a coalition of many schools. Did you encounter any difficulties during training or discussing strategies?

Gia Vuong (Rapid Lofi Captain): The difficulty arose right from the moment I and my friends gathered to register, because the registration process of the Organizing Committee is very strict: A team must have at least 2 members from the same school and the remaining members can be flexible. is a student at another school. The practice session also encountered many problems due to the different class schedules and timetables of each member. Besides, not only do we practice, but we also have to get to know our teammates to understand each other better and coordinate more smoothly and harmoniously.

Reporter: Rapid Lofi’s opponent in the final match is the 5-Year-Old Student team from Polytechnic University (Hanoi). Have you researched your previous opponents, and what do you think about them?

Gia Vuong (Rapid Lofi Captain): Although in FPS games people often have the word “crack”, the purpose is to push the spirit up, but most people will think in the direction of disregarding the opponent. But for me and my teammates, we highly appreciate 5-Year-Old Student, because having reached the finals, their strength is also very “formidable”. And of course, you still have to learn about your opponent in terms of squad and style of play.

Offline Draw and Meet the Teams before the competition

Reporter: In the first map, 5-Year-Old Student was the team that took the lead. Was Rapid Lofi psychologically beaten at that time?

Gia Vuong (Rapid Lofi Captain): Being psychologically beaten is unavoidable not only in the final but in all matches, when there is a mistake by a member or the whole team. Because we are also students, whether we are professional or amateur players, we often encounter this problem. But we promptly advised each other and worked together to overcome difficulties, and everyone can see the results.

Reporter: How does the team feel when officially crowned champion of Campus 2023 – the first tournament for national students of Battle Teasm 2?

Gia Vuong (Rapid Lofi Captain): This is the goal we have set since participating in the tournament. Feeling very happy, proud and truly appreciating the efforts the whole team overcame together to achieve this championship.

Campus Championship 2023 champion named Rapid Lofi

Reporter: What is RAPID LOFI’s direction? Esports in the future? (For example, following the path of professional competition). At the same time, do you have any wishes or suggestions to send to NPH? VTC Are not?

Gia Vuong (Rapid Lofi Captain): In the future, I and my friends will still improve our knowledge and practice our skills. This championship is truly a turning point for us to pursue a professional path in Battle Teams 2 in the near future.

My wishes are not many (laughs), in addition to the limitations of the versions that I hope to overcome, I hope the organization of all tournaments will be more organized and thorough so that the tournament will be more organized. be professional – as complete as possible.

Thank you Gia Vuong and team, wish Rapid Lofi will conquer many other upcoming tournaments of Battle Teasm 2!

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