Maybe you don’t know – Counter-Strike 1.1 gun models are… upside down

Counter-Strike 1.1 is already a familiar name in the virtual world. A legend born by a Vietnamese developer Le Minh, CS 1.1 has been the source of many memorable memories for many generations of gamers. But few people know, this 22-year-old legend hides something interesting right before their eyes that very few people realize.

Accordingly, because Le Minh is left-handed, this developer designed all the gun models in the game to be on the left side of the screen. But if you bring the game model to the right as usual, you will have to redesign it from scratch because the two sides of the weapon are completely different. Therefore, to save time, Le Minh simply “flips” the weapons back, causing the vast majority of gamers to use guns backwards in the game.


Typically, like the legendary “46”, if the gun is placed in the right hand, the loading pin must also be on the right side of the gun. But instead this latch is on the left, completely opposite to using weapons in real life. Not only the 46 but all the weapons with the right loading part are reversed compared to the standard model, something that very few gamers have noticed over the past 22 years.

The game’s ammunition latch is on the left while in real life it should be on the right.

Of course in later CS versions, especially CSGO Currently, these models have all been revised according to real-life standard models. However, after knowing this, many fans still feel that this is not a mistake, but an interesting memory to remember about the legendary game that brought many Vietnamese brothers to the series. shooting game.

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