Mastercard Gamer Academy officially accepts applications

Today, game fans and electronic Sports (gaming and eSports) around the world are invited to apply to join the Mastercard Gamer Academy. This is the first program to be Master Card development, will provide 10 participants with connections, expert mentoring and the skills needed to pursue their passion for eSports professionally, while encouraging a more inclusive gaming ecosystem.


There are currently more than 3 billion people in the world who are famous as gamers. They attract many fans from all different ages, genders and countries. In fact, the number of gamers over 45 years old is more than gamers under 18 years old. Among them, women account for nearly 50% of the total number of players. However, despite these numbers, many people still have difficulty pursuing the path to becoming professional gamers.

Mr. Raja Rajamannar, Marketing and Communications Director of Mastercard share: “As a global sponsor of some of the largest and fastest growing eSports events, we have witnessed firsthand the incredible passion that eSports inspires in each player and fan. . Mastercard Gamer Academy was born to celebrate the continued growth of eSports, and Mastercard is proud to invest in the diverse and vibrant future of gaming.”

Academy Mastercard Gamer will begin in early 2024, providing participants with the following benefits:​

  • Participate in major eSports events and get full sponsorshipincluding behind-the-scenes access to the 2024 League of Legends World Finals and 2024 Valorant Champions tournament, as well as a tour of its headquarters. G2 Esports in Berlin.
  • Opportunity to access experienced eSports expertsincluding G2 Hel, Gozen and the men’s teams League of Legends and Valorant.
  • Live and online interactive sessions with renowned mentorswith select workshops on mental health, grit and teamwork.
  • Comprehensive educational program including brand promotion, marketing, content creation, event organization and more.

Highlights of the program will be recorded into episodes so fans can enjoy and learn more about opportunities in the gaming and eSports field. Mastercard cardholders will have preview access on the platform.

The Academy is supported by G2 Esports – the world’s leading eSports organization, leading representation of women’s teams in the eSports industry, with four women’s teams participating in VALORANT, League of Legends and top titles. other.


“Our strength in eSports is our community, and how we come together for our love of the sport. The Mastercard Gamer Academy is an extension of that community, bringing everyone together.” in an unprecedented special,” Mr. Romain Bigeard, Director of League of Legends Management at G2 Esports said. “The Academy is designed to cover all areas of eSports, to showcase the different career paths within the industry. We want to provide participants, as well as those watching the program at home opportunity to gain experience and learn from the most talented and respected people in the industry. Our goal is to create a clear career path in eSports that inspires and motivates people looking for career opportunities.”

Mastercard is a pioneering brand in the field of gaming and eSports, the first global partner of League of Legends – the world’s largest e-sports since 2018. Earlier this year, the company expanded its sponsorship to the Valorant Champions Tour — the fastest growing and most diverse esports in the world, and the VCT Game Changers tournament series.

Interested candidates submit an online application on the Mastercard Gamer Academy website and a video demonstrating their passion for gaming and eSports. The application deadline is December 17, 2023. The program is open to anyone around the world aged 21 and over. Not applicable where prohibited, and subject to restrictions. See program rules and official application instructions at Official sponsor: G Esports Holding GmbH.

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