Marvel Future Revolution – The ultimate superhero game has a release date set

Introduced for the first time at PAX East 2020, Marvel Future Revolution To be mobile games superheroes by Marvel Entertainment and Netmarble development cooperation. Not to let players wait too long, today the developers officially announced the launch time of this masterpiece.

Netmarble is a famous mobile game developer in Korea, this is also the studio behind Marvel Contest of Champions and Marvel: Future Fight. Unlike the previous two games, Marvel Future Revolution promises to bring fans an action role-playing experience in a completely open world with Marvel superheroes my favorite.

The game is set in Primary Earth, a place made up of many different Earths. Players will play as one of the members of the Omega Flight team, venturing to many completely new locations such as the Hydra empire, New Stark city or Sakaar to fight against villains. When Marvel Future Revolution launches, players can choose from 8 different superheroes Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-ManCaptain Marvel, Doctor StrangeStar-Lord, Black Widow and Storm. This game also possesses a rich treasure of skins for players to freely experience and renew their characters.​


Marvel Future Revolution is expected to release on August 25 on iOS and Android. Players can also participate in pre-registration on the game’s website.

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