Many Genshin Impact content has been wiped out by hackers in Co-Op mode


Player Genshin Impact discovered a serious issue occurring in the game’s Co-Op mode with the ability to permanently remove objects from the world of Teyvat. Job hack and software modifications have long existed in RPG’s HoYoverse, with many private servers allowing players to edit the game as desired. Developers regularly take legal action against players who use third-party software and those who spread new content. However, recently, Genshin Impact is encountering an even more destructive problem on the Chinese server.

Some recent information appeared from Genshin Impact’s Chinese server hacker are taking advantage bug. bug figure Kaveh and third-party hacking software to remove much of the game’s content in Co-Op mode. Deleted content is permanently gone from the player’s world, unable to be restored even if they reinstall the game or use other devices. HoYoverse has yet to officially comment on this vandalism phenomenon.

Content that can be deleted with the above software includes some major buildings in Genshin Impact’s gameplay. Kaveh can remove the Seven Heavenly Statues, hinder the activation of the Idols, and light up the game map. Other puzzle mechanics such as Fontaine’s Pneuma and Ousia mechanics and Time Trials may also be removed, making it impossible for players to complete challenges and receive rewards. Big bosses in the game like Childe and Azhdaha even “disappeared” under Kaveh’s hands.

Although no official fix has been released to address the above phenomenon, the latest hack in Genshin Impact may cause HoYoverse to use legal measures again. The developer regularly criticizes the hacker community and countless leakers, some of whom have been sued by the creators of Genshin Impact.

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