Many Activision Blizzard titles may be coming to Game Pass starting next year

Nearly two years after the shocking deal was announced, Microsoft is expecting to complete an agreement to acquire the publisher Call of Duty and World of Warcraft with a value of 69 billion USD this week.


Although Microsoft says it plans to offer more games Activision Blizzard as possible on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass, including new titles from our incredible roster Activision Blizzard but this won’t happen immediately after acquisition deal end.

Activision Blizzard mentioned the timeline for bringing its games to Game Pass in its latest statement on social network X early this morning. Specifically: “As we continue to work toward regulatory approval of the Microsoft agreement, we have received a number of questions about whether the company’s upcoming and upcoming games Is it likely to appear on Game Pass? Even though we don’t plan on giving Modern Warfare III nice Diablo IV to Game Pass this year, but once the deal closes, we plan to begin working with Xbox to bring our titles to more players around the world. And we’ll start bringing games to Game Pass next year.”


To complete the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Microsoft has agreed to sell streaming rights to Activision’s titles to Ubisoft in the UK. The move comes after the CMA blocked the deal in April, citing concerns regarding the cloud gaming sector and saying the acquisition would risk restricting competition in the cloud gaming sector. this growing market.

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