Malevelon Creek falls, Helldivers 2 players lose to ‘Vietnamese Robot’

If you have played, heard about or watched clips about Helldivers 2a co-op third-person shooter game that is popular in the community, you have probably heard about it. Malevelon Creek. It is one of the game’s planets/battlefields, under the control of one of the two enemy factions, Automaton. However, foreign players often call them with a more “loving” name, “Vietnamese robots”, demonstrating the danger and dominance of these automatic war machines.


The Automatons on other planets have been terrible, but on Malevelon Creek, they are a truly horrifying nightmare. The planet’s terrain is covered in jungle, with robots lurking everywhere. Just one second of inattention, and the player’s entire team can lie down with a series of bullets being fired from the bushes and grass. Also because of this factor, Malevelon Creek has been popular with players Helldivers nicknamed “Vietnam’s jungle”, because its danger is no different from the nightmares that American soldiers faced during the invasion of our country. And, just like the American empire, Helldivers 2 players have also suffered tragic defeat on this planet. After 2 weeks of intense fighting, the Helldiver lost his foothold on Malevelon Creek and was forced to withdraw in disgrace.


Of course, because it’s just a game, gamers don’t have too negative reactions to the above failure. This loss is even compared to another famous defeat in video game history: the fall of Reach (Fall of Reach) in Halo.

Part of Helldivers 2’s metagame is the ongoing conflict in the galaxy and how it develops. When you choose a planet to fight, you are choosing from a galactic map with notes on which side controls it, and how much remains until it is “liberated” (note, the game is built in a satirical way, not supporting extremist ideology like in the game). The ultimate goal of players as Helldivers is to “spread democracy” by completing missions (as well as side objectives) to increase a planet’s rate of freedom. However, completing quests on Malevelon Creek barely increases the percentage, regardless of whether the player succeeds there or not. As a live-service game, it seems that this is the way the developer uses to flexibly guide the direction of the game’s story, giving players the feeling of being in the middle of a real war. with victories and defeats taking place in a tense mix.


And so, when the players realized that they had failed on the planet they had spent weeks fighting in vain for, their reaction was a flood of memes or “slogans” across the internet. society, calling for a counterattack to turn the tide.

Many comments also increased the “seriousness” of the problem, pointing out that Malevelon Creek is the center of production of Automaton machines, and “liberation” of it is extremely necessary. They even created the hashtag #rememberthecreek, to call on their “comrades” not to forget this humiliation and to reclaim it at all costs. A good game is one that can make the whole community voluntarily participate in the story it tells, and Helldivers is doing this excellently.


Helldivers 2 has an extremely interesting community, both “crazy” and fun, always creating drama about every little thing that happens in the game, just like the spirit of the game. It is this spirit that has led the story of the fall on Malevelon Creek into a phenomenon, at the same time causing the game’s scenario to progress smoothly, and will certainly open up a new campaign that is also “dramatic”. “count” is no less.


Malevelon Creek has fallen, but Helldivers 2 players will surely return. They will not stand still and let it become another Halo’s Fall of Reach or Warhammer’s Cadia. What will happen next? Which campaign will be launched? How far will Super Earth’s “democracy” spread? Let’s wait and see the upcoming updates of Helldivers 2.

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