Listen to Streamer Huan Gut Boi’s story: Finding opportunities from the pandemic

The stressful epidemic situation in the past few years has caused a lot of impact on our country’s economy, causing many workers to have their salaries reduced or even lose their jobs. However, the pandemic also accidentally became an opportunity for many people to reflect on themselves and choose a new path. Streamer Huan Gut Boi is also one of them. Today GameHub had the opportunity to chat with Huan to understand more about the fate that brought him to this profession. Let’s listen to the story of this Lao Cai guy!

Reporter: Hello Huan, thank you for accepting GameHub’s interview today. Can Huan tell GameHub readers a little about yourself?
Hello everyone, my name is Huan Gut Boi or Ly Trong Huan, currently I am living in Lao Cai. Now I am a Streamer of the project Facebook Gaming.


Reporter: When did you start being a Streamer? What fate brought you to this profession?
Before I joined livestream I was studying Spa, but after finishing my studies, I could only work for 1-2 months before the epidemic broke out in early 2020, so I decided to take a break and go back to my hometown and not go to Hanoi to work anymore. I’ve loved livestreaming since 2018. During the quarantine break, I often confided in fellow Streamers like Mr. Duong Qua TV, so I finally decided to try this profession.

Reporter: When you decided to pursue this job, did you receive support from your family and people around you?
Since September 2020, I started working live, my mother always cheered me on and my father at first did not support my decision very much. At that time, I had to endure a lot of pressure because at first the live stream did not have a stable number of views and my father often criticized me. Now it’s much better, I have become an official partner of OTA Network and Facebook Gaming, proving to everyone and my family that playing games can also make money.

Reporter: Surely when he started pursuing this profession, Huan also encountered many difficulties. Can you share more about the difficulties you have experienced?
Initially, my highest view count was only about 49 viewers, I remember it was in November 2020. My views were stable at only 10 views because at that time I had no experience, I thought it would be live like this. 10 years still no success. In April 2021, I created a new channel named Huan Xoan, then found a development team and created a content, then after 2 months I reached 1,000 views.

But after a while, the channel failed to make money, and in July I was forced to create a new channel. At that time, because I had previous experience, it only took about a week for me to reach 1,500 views. I thought it was fine, with 800-1000 views consistently, then on September 19, I woke up and saw a notice that monetization had been turned off. At that time, I was still not very discouraged, then I created Huan Gut Boi channel as my 4th channel and after 15 days monetization was turned off.

At that time, I was extremely discouraged. I texted my mother to tell her and she encouraged me, and my friends around me also cheered me on. So I didn’t make a new channel anymore, but instead asked OTA Plus, and received help from OTA brothers and sisters to reopen it and make money.

This helps me be more motivated, because when monetization is turned off, views will also be squeezed. In October 2021, there was even a time when my view count was 0 views. However, I still live regularly until November 11 and saw 30 views and according to my experience, the next day I created content from there and my views exploded again. By December 24, 2021, its highest viewership was 3053 live viewers.


Reporter: What a difficult journey, fortunately you persevered until the end. But surely in addition to difficulties, becoming a Creator/Streamer also brings interesting things to you, right?
Yes, the livestream has helped expand my relationships. I got to know many famous “idols” and interacted and talked with them. Creator in all parts of the country. Becoming a Streamer also helps me improve my communication skills. I am now confident and handle situations much better than before (Laughs).

Reporter: You said earlier that you have become a partner of Facebook Gaming. As far as I know, there are currently many livestream platforms such as Youtube Gaming, BooYah or Nimo… So what made you choose to come to Facebook Gaming to broadcast? career development?
To be honest, before that I had also tried livestreaming on other platforms such as Youtube, nono live, Nimo… but I found Facebook Gaming to be more accessible because Facebook itself already owns a large user base. This will help me increase my audience more easily.

Reporter: Yes, thank you for Huan’s honest sharing in today’s interview. Before saying goodbye to GameHub, do you have any words you want to send to everyone as well as young people who want to follow your path?
I used to be someone who experienced setbacks in this job. I hope young people who are passionate about this job will try. As long as you spend time on it and gain experience, over time success will surely come to you.

Reporter: Thank you Huan, wish you reap more sweet fruits in your future career path!

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