Life is Strange reached 20 million players

At the end of last week, account Life is Strange official on social network X thanked the community before an important milestone: “Wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving! We’re grateful that the original Life is Strange has reached over 20 million players! Thank you for experiencing this game!”


Life is Strange is an emotional journey through many stages of the main character with supernatural powers – Maxine ‘Max’ Caulfield who can manipulate time and change past events to unravel mysteries. secret surrounding the people of an Oregon town in Arcadia Bay.

Mr. Michel Koch, co-creator of Life is Strange, expressed his feelings about this milestone: “20 million players. This is crazy. When we created Max and Chloe, built Arcadia Bay and wrote their story, I never dreamed that 20 million people would meet these characters and spend time with them! Thanks everyone!”


The Life is Strange franchise since 2015 has been available on nearly every modern console device. The lasting appeal of the first game has spawned many sequels and new stories. Last year, Life is Strange Remastered Collection (and Arcadia Bay Collection on Switch), which includes enhanced versions of the original game and its prequel Life is Strange: Before the Storm, was released.

The most recent title in the series, Life is Strange: True Colors, marking a departure from this IP’s usual episodic approach. Developers Deck Nine released True Colors as a single complete title. And it looks like the studio’s future titles will follow the same release strategy.​

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