Lies Of P will have part 2 with a DLC coming soon


Director Ji Won Choi confirmed that Lies of P 2 under development and also shared a little information about DLC upcoming Souls-like game. In the Director’s Letter video, Mr. Choi said: “Our top priority is to develop the DLC and make a sequel. The development team is working hard, thinking hard and exploring different aspects of the project.” Lies Of P To date, it has surpassed the milestone of selling one million copies and is also available on Xbox Game Pass.

As for the DLC, director Choi introduced some images of character P exploring an abandoned ship. “I assure you that what I have just revealed is just the tip of the iceberg,” he said.

In addition to the plans for part 2, the first game will be updated with a new patch later this month that further tweaks the Weapon Assembly system. Neowiz will make the game more accessible in the opening stages by increasing base stats, adding Quartz to the P-Organ upgrade from the Polendai store, and making Rising Dodge a default ability right away from the beginning. Adjustments to fashion items will allow characters to wear their own glasses and hats. Mr. Choi also said that the game’s soundtrack will be released in the future.

What world will the Lies of P sequel revolve around? The first game ended surprisingly. Developers Neowhiz has dropped hints about Lies of P traveling to another beloved fictional world. In the mid-credits scene, viewers can see a familiar pair of ruby ​​red shoes, hinting that P is going to meet Wizard of Oz. This is a great idea for a sequel.


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