Lies of P plot: The tragedy of redemption (Last part)

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Chapter 10

Hidden passages beneath the hotel lead P to the Trismegistus Ruins, the area where Ergo was first discovered. However, the path from there to the Isle of Alchemists is blocked by the Black Rabbit Brotherhood, led by the “elder brother” who was defeated by P, but revived and strengthened by the Alchemists.

After defeating them again, P will meet Alidoro again, the man who betrayed the hotel. The player can choose between fighting and punishing him, or forgiving him. The yellow Ergo-powered submarine will then appear and take P to the Island.

Also during this time, if P returns to Krat Hotel, Venigni will decode a message from the Ergo Decoder that only P can hear. It’s a message from Romeo, King of Puppet, revealing that it turns out Geppetto was the mastermind behind the Puppet Frenzy riot.


Romeo, in fact Carlo’s best friend, when about to die from petrification, asked Geppetto to turn himself into a puppet to protect the people of Krat. However, he did not expect that what Geppetto wanted was to revive Carlo, his son, who also died of petrification. Geppetto turns Romeo into the Puppet King, aiming to control all the other puppets to destroy the Krat people and collect Ergo. However, Romeo regains his humanity, rebels, and stands up to protect humanity from Petrification, the Alchemists, and Geppetto himself. Unfortunately, Geppetto created a secret law behind the Grand Covenant called Law Zero, which gave him ultimate control over all puppets. Using Law Zero, Geppetto created Puppet Frenzy which resulted in the death of the majority of the Krat population. Despite this, Romeo gathers the puppets to stop Geppetto and the Alchemists, and uses his influence to protect the rest.


After learning that Carlo’s Ergo had been transferred into P, Romeo tried to send a messenger to P to inform him of the situation and avoid the two having to fight. However, due to Geppetto’s manipulation, P killed them all. When P finds the Puppet King at the Estella Opera House Stage, Romeo tries to warn him of Geppetto’s true intention to transfer P’s heart to another puppet through a short play. After that, Romeo appeared and extended his hand to reconcile with P. However, P still did not understand and pushed his hand away. In the end, the two still had to fight each other to the death. Before dying, Romeo thanked P for giving him true freedom.


Chapter 12

Returning to P, after reaching the Isle of Alchemists, he finds another projection of Sophia. Here, she explains that she is the daughter of the former leader of the Alchemists, but when her father died and Manus came to power, everything changed. He discovered her Listener ability and used Sophia to control Ergo for his experiments.

On the beach towards Arche Monastery, powerful Ergo waves manipulated time and showed P memories of Carlo’s youth. It turns out that although Geppetto is a great scientist, he is a bad father. He always abandoned Carlo, forcing him to grow up in Monad Charity House boarding school. Here, it was Sophia who introduced Carlo to Romeo, and the two quickly became close friends. Carlo, resentful that Geppetto missed the graduation ceremony, gives Romeo his necklace when he sees how much he admires him. Carlo later passed away from petrification.


Geppetto is extremely saddened by Carlo’s death. After discovering that the puppets regained their humanity when their Ergo awakened, Geppetto immediately searched for ways to revive his son. However, the puppet that Geppetto created from Carlo’s body was too effective against Ergo and was capable of destroying it, which also meant destroying his son’s soul. Therefore, Geppetto took away the puppet and created a new puppet named Pinocchio, or P, in a secret workshop at Krat Central Station. By putting P-Organ into P, Geppetto knew that he would collect a large amount of Ergo, allowing P-Organ to withstand the original puppet’s body. In order for P to be able to collect the most Ergo without hindrance, Geppetto made him the only puppet not bound by the Grand Covenant, a law that forces puppets to obey their creator’s orders, and at the same time must serve and must not harm people. Additionally, Geppetto also gave P an appearance similar to Carlo’s so that the collected Ergo would be tweaked in such a way that P would have a personality as close to Carlo’s as possible. Geppetto then launches Puppet Frenzy and plunges Krat into chaos similar to what P saw upon awakening.


Returning to the main plot, P will then infiltrate the Alchemists’ base and have to confront Laxasia, Manus’s right hand and also his first successful evolution experiment. After defeating Laxasia, P will find Sophia’s true body. Her body has been horribly transformed by Ergo and is in a constant state of extreme pain. It was that pain that helped her release her projection throughout Krat City and awaken P. Sophia’s terrible Ergo power is also the reason why she can revive P every time the player fails.


Here, Sophia will ask P to free her by death. Players can choose between obeying or refusing. Later, P finds Geppetto being held captive by Black Cat and Red Fox. Immediately after rescuing him, the player will immediately confront Manus. Even though Manus transformed using an item called the Arm of God, with perseverance, P was able to take him down.

Ending and After Credits

After defeating Manus, P will be faced with several choices that will affect the ending of the game. Geppetto will ask P to return the P-Organ, which he is constantly strengthening with his humanity, so that he can give it to the puppet created with Carlo’s body. If they agree, the player will receive the Bad Ending, where the new Puppet, completely under Geppetto’s control, will kill everyone in the Hotel on his orders.


If they refuse, the player will have to fight the Nameless Puppet in the final battle. Once defeated, the Nameless Puppet attempts to destroy the P-Organ, but Geppetto sacrifices himself to save it. If the player chooses to tell the truth for most of the game, Geppetto will call P a useless puppet. On the contrary, if he chooses to lie, he will shed tears because P has truly gained humanity.

P will then return to the balcony atop the Monastery and return his Ergo to a puppet of Sophia, giving her a new start. Sophia will then regain consciousness and hug P, who is in a coma.


Regardless of which Ending they receive, after the credits, players will learn that Giangio is actually an Alchemist named Paracelsus and belongs to a certain organization. He went to Krat to deliver the Arm of God to Manus and followed him as an experiment. Paracelsus refers to P as a “new brother” and announces that he will return to the search for Dorothy, opening up the possibility of a sequel inspired by the novel “The Wizard of Oz”.​

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