Less than 24 hours after the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer was released, fans rushed to push the GTA 7 trend


Trailer GTA 6 The same release date for the game in 2025 is currently all fans can think about. However, a segment of Rockstar’s RPG community has begun to eye a seventh GTA game.

The community focuses on discussing GTA 7 is growing bigger and bigger. The first conversation topics on the GTA 7 subreddit, which currently has 3,600 members, mainly revolve around predicting when Rockstar Games will release GTA 7. There are many predictions, most of which say that part 7 will arrive between 2030-2039.


Looking back, GTA 5 was released in 2013, which means that if GTA 6 hits the release date of 2025, players will have to wait 12 years for the sequel. Rockstar and parent company Take-Two will hope that GTA 6’s equivalent GTA Online game can “live long” and bring in the most profit possible, even surpassing the success of the current blockbuster GTA Online. . If considered according to the above logic, GTA 7 will probably be released in 2037.

Grand Theft Auto VI Trailer 1″ quickly rose to number 1 on the list trend YouTube and in just over half a day, the trailer views surpassed 70 million. If this momentum continues, GTA 6’s first trailer could beat the achievements of the famous band BTS. BTS set a record with the music video of the song Dynamite, attracting 101 million views in 24 hours in August 2020.

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