League of Legends released an eye-catching short film, revealing Yasuo’s skin in old age

The release of a short film about League of Legends every year has become a tradition for Riot Games and received many positive reactions from the player community. And this year, this developer continues to bring gamers impressive footage called “Still Here”.

Still Here features many familiar League of Legends champions, such as Kayle, Morgana, Aatrox, Yasuo, Tryndamere, Kindred and Ashe. It seems like there aren’t too many plot details or plot twists shown in the short video, instead there are extremely satisfying battle scenes.

The video opens with the twins Kayle and Morgan being given divine power from Mount Targon and fighting Aatrox together. From the costumes, it can be inferred that this event took place in the early part of Demacia’s history when two generals protected the young nation.

We also see the image of an old wanderer preventing bad guys from killing innocent people in a village. This wanderer is Yasuo, but the version who has found peace in his soul and is always ready to protect the people of Ionia.​


Immediately after that, Riot Games also released Yasuo’s new skin based on his old age appearance. Accordingly, the famous general of League of Legends will appear in the traditional Japanese hamaka outfit with a worn white shirt, behind this character’s iconic skill – Wind Wall. This “old” but fresh image will surely attract the attention of many players.​

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