Konami revealed six heroes appearing in Contra: Operation Galuga


In September, Konami Announce a return to 2D elements make a name for yourself Contra with a game that simulates the original version called Contra: Operation Galuga. The game developed by Wayforward has just revealed six heroes and a new trailer introducing each character and their skills.

The trailer also provides a different perspective on the gun-and-run element in the new game. Operation Galuga returns players to classic gameplay, as up to four players work together to destroy enemies. Operation Galuga serves as a reimagining of the first Contra game following the following six heroes in their fight against the terrorist Red Falcon:​

  • Bill Rizer: Commander of the Contra unit, possessing outstanding physical strength, agility and courageous spirit. Proficient in all types of weapons and military science.​

  • Lance Bean: An expert marksman, who operated as a guerrilla fighter before being recruited by Bill Rizer into the Earth Marines.​

  • Ariana: An extremely talented warrior from the Galuga Islands. After her village is nearly wiped out by the Red Falcon’s attack, Ariana begins to wage war alone against her enemies.​

  • Lucia: Deputy commander of the Earth Marines and also a talented operative. She is also proficient in both combat and secret intelligence missions.​

  • Lieutenant Stanley Ironside: A veteran who commanded an armored platoon in the GX Army. He wears a powered Hercules suit to enhance his formidable fighting skills.​

  • Probotector: Contra Unit’s automated training robot. By taking advantage of advanced technology, this robot has the ability to fight no worse than humans.​

Each character can be enhanced with two perks purchased from the in-game store using virtual credits (Konami says these are not microtransactions). Perks include the ability to respawn or start levels with a specific weapon.

Contra: Operation Galuga will feature a story campaign, an arcade mode, and a 30-mission challenge mode. The game is expected to release early next year on PlayStation and Xbox, Switch and PC.


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