Junji Ito’s Fear X2: Uzumaki Gets an Anime Adaptation


Ito Junji (July 31, 1963) is an author horror manga famous, known as the Stephen King of the Japanese manga industry. His works all have their own appeal that fans of horror comics cannot ignore, typically manga like Tomie, UzumakiGyo, … Reading Ito Junji’s story, it is guaranteed that readers will be extremely haunted, terrified, losing appetite and sleep to the point of not daring to go to the bathroom at night.

Reading the story and looking at the characters created by author Ito is enough to make you shudder, but now the Uzumaki manga is also being adapted into Anime If I could move again… I don’t know how terrifying it would be. In a long video posted on Adult Swim’s Youtube channel, director Hiroshi Nagahama had a conversation with the audience about the production process for Anime Uzumaki, and confirmed the premiere date is October 2022, on Adult Swim.

The anime’s teaser scenes start at 1:30.

According to the introduction video, it seems that the producer will keep the black and white colors as in the manga and adapt the creepy, haunting drawings of the manga. Junji Ito. Although released in 1998-1999, Uzumaki is still remembered as the most haunting manga.


Uzumaki’s content revolves around a town haunted by phenomena related to spirals. The images are spiraling deep and dark like a cosmic black hole, causing a deeply haunting visual effect for readers. These spirals also seem to make the reader’s mind get sucked into it, so no matter how haunted they are, they can’t stop.

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