Journey to the West VNG: Great Chaos in the Three Realms – Strong generals are the backbone of the team

Like any general card game, the strength of a team is within Journey to the West VNG: Great Disturbance in the Three Realms (Journey to the West VNG) is formed from the resources of each member present within. Therefore, increasing the power of each champion is the most important thing gamers need to do. Then, of course, there will be a way to coordinate the strength of champions within a team to optimize effectiveness.


But before going through the advanced stuff, let’s go through the basics first. How many ways do you have to increase the strength of your hero? journey to the West VNG? Let’s find out!

Basic strength of generals in Journey to the West VNG

Let’s temporarily divide the sources of strength for generals in Journey to the West VNG into 2 groups. The basic group includes components located in each character’s information panel, and the advanced group includes additional functions from the outside.


In the basic power group, we have attribute indicators of the champion’s strength. These stats will increase naturally by increasing champion level. You can upgrade easily thanks to the types of elixirs given through many activities.

Next, champions will greatly increase this stat through a stronger step called champion breakthrough, which will increase the bonus stat right behind the champion’s name and is considered a power leap. To achieve this step, you need specific materials that you must collect in the levels. When breaking through to +16, the champion will open a more advanced function that helps increase strength.


Generals will have 3 unique skills, these are fixed moves that make each person different. They can be leveled up with corresponding champion shards, which will also increase the champion’s stars. However, more important is the series of 3 optional passive skills. These are skills inherited from Thien Ki that will increase the advantage of champions depending on the quality of each move.


Mementos will be precious collectible treasures added to champions to help increase their strength stats. These treasures are divided into 4 parts and each part can only have 1 type dedicated to it. Similarly, we also have the function of Side Spirit, but instead of treasures, we will use the side spirits of other generals attached as a form of power connection.


Besides, the equipment also contributes to increasing the strength index quite well. Each character will have 4 types of shared equipment: weapons, armor, hats and shoes. All characters can be used. Each general also has his own type of magic weapon that must be collected, but when attached, it will significantly increase his power.


Advanced powers

Journey to the West VNG will have a number of additional functions to help strengthen the generals from outside, usually applying to the whole team.


First of all, we must mention the Spirit. This is a series of treasures that help increase the strength of the entire team collected through a daily activity in the pass section, Linh Lung Tham Bao. Spiritual Qi is divided by color quality from blue, purple, orange, red and can supplement its strength by attaching gems. If collected and fully equipped, Spiritual Weapons can add a relatively large amount of points to the whole team, besides helping to increase some specific effects such as defense and attack by a percentage.


Divine Beast is also a function that helps increase the strength of the whole team but needs to level up quite high to open it. Players will collect divine beasts to nurture and they will add combat stats to their owners depending on the high or low quality and each specific type of divine beast. There will be a maximum of 3 divine beasts participating in battle at the same time in the Thien – Dia – Nhan position and the divine beasts can launch support moves during battle.

Coordinate generals in the battle team

When you have enough strength for individual champions and additions from outside sources to the entire team’s fighting force. Your last job will be to arrange the generals optimally. There will be some things to note when choosing champions and factions to maximize power.


The first is based on the role of the champion. Each general has a different power arrangement and accordingly, the role will also be different. Damage has a high attack index that specializes in dealing damage to enemies. Strong Defense helps attract attacks to yourself to protect teammates. Support using skills to increase the strength of teammates. Control reduces enemy strength. Healing helps restore vitality to injured teammates.

Depending on your tactical characteristics and personality, the distribution of 6 positions in the squad will be flexible and creative. However, it is necessary to ensure that the team must have at least the basic positions including DPS, Support and Healer. The number of each group depends on the strategy of playing quickly or carefully to decide.


Next, the factions in Journey to the West VNG are designed to have their own chain power effects. That’s why you need to prioritize choosing generals from the same faction. Only then will the squads take full advantage of the advantages that a certain member has set in advance. For example, the Demon World deals increased damage to enemies caught in fire. If the Demon World character has already cast a burning effect on the enemy but the remaining characters are not on the Demon Realm side, the attack will not stop. can use this increased attack effect.

Links are also an important component. Each character will have a connection with a number of other characters according to the plot. These can be brothers, spouses, disciples, fellow disciples, masters – subordinates… These links will be activated if related people are present in the battle team. It will activate the internal skills related to that connection and increase the strength of the squad accordingly.


Magic cards are the ultimate powerful weapon to fully utilize your position in the team. Your main character cannot be replaced by another champion because he must always be on the team. On the other hand, although it may lie in factions, the main character’s strength is often in a balance between attack and defense. So when you need to take advantage of the 6th position, you will be hindered by the fixed main character.

At this point, the magic card will be the solution when it can turn the main character into any character with all the accompanying features. Just collect the corresponding character’s transformation card and insert it into the main character. You will have full control over 6 positions in the squad and combine power comfortably.

Above is the way to increase the strength of the general and then the entire squad in Journey to the West VNG: Great Chaos in the Three Realms. However, this is just basic knowledge, how to arrange it will depend on the generals you have collected and the alternative solutions if you do not have enough strong generals that you can think of. When you’re a beginner with a limited initial number of champions, it’s different, and when you’ve been playing for a while and have a huge inventory of champions, everything is different.

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