It only took 2 minutes for the thief to “empty” the Pokemon card store

Although it has appeared for a long time, the card gameespecially Pokemon cards always retains a strong attraction to the player community. They even do not hesitate to spend large sums of money, up to tens or even hundreds of millions, to collect these treasures. card rare. Because of their great value, card shops are always in the sights of thieves.

The thief’s image was recorded by the camera

Recently, Japanese media reported that a card trading and exchange store located on the busy Ikebukuro neighborhood was broken into at 2 a.m. on December 10. According to the video the store shared on X, after sneaking into the store, the intruder broke the glass and took all the cards from one side of the cabinet.

The intruder’s actions were so fast that just 2 minutes after the break-in took place, the police immediately arrived but did not see the suspect at all. After the incident, the store manager shared:

The glass cabinet in the store was broken

The person in charge also encouraged those who know clues to provide information to the store or the police to quickly catch the culprit and recover lost property. It is known that the store will be closed for a while to prepare for resuming operations.​

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