Insulting the gaming community, Tiktoker’s face was cursed uncontrollably

For many people, gaming has become an essential form of entertainment in life, similar to listening to music or watching movies. However, it seems that the cryptocurrency industry is still facing many prejudices. Recently, a Tiktoker named “itsaaronwilkinson” sparked a wave of anger when he made statements that were somewhat instructive and touched the gaming community.

More specifically, this Tiktoker asserts that people over 25 years old should reflect on themselves, put down the game and rush out there to find something else to do:


This Tiktoker’s post quickly attracted more than 6,000 comments, but most of the online community had opposite opinions to him:

Facing criticism from the community, this Tiktoker continued to post several more videos to mock gamers and affirm that he did not care about their opinions. It’s unclear whether this Tiktoker’s action comes from a desire to share personal experiences or is just a trick to get views, but it’s clear that it doesn’t bring much benefit other than unnecessary controversy.

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