Indie developer draws hundreds of cats in the free 100 Cats series


100 Hidden Animals is an independent developer that has released six Hidden object puzzle game cute and free for the past three months, starting with 100 Christmas Cats in early December, followed by 100 Asian Cats, 100 Capitalist Cats, 100 Ninja Cats, 100 Robo Cats and 100 Dino Cats.

The developer is also working on 8 more similar games, which are 100 March Cats, 100 Paris Cats, 100 London Cats, 100 Pirate Cats, 100 Romantic Cats, 100 Alien Cats, 100 Space Cats and 100 Istanbul Cats.


Hidden object games often require players to find hard-to-spot characters in densely detailed images. Every game of 100 Hidden Animals all have different themes. 100 Capitalist Cats is where cats dress up as businessmen, bankers and professionals from the office environment. 100 Hidden Animals’ six released titles are currently available for free Steam.

Even better, most of the puzzle games are on Steam’s list of best-reviewed games of the year. According to Steam250, 100 Ninja Cats is holding fifteenth place in the 2024 rankings.


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