How to increase the strongest Demon Ring Sword World Origin skill

Ma Nhan is a Fire-type sect with extremely strong survival abilities with the ability to absorb large amounts of life force, strong in single combat, and see how to accumulate skill points to become stronger.

Ma Nhan has the ability to attack a wide range from a distance, can directly attack opponents with cumulative damage, and is a mainstay in melees. Let’s come to the article on how to increase the skill points of Ma Nhan Sword World Origin.

How to increase the strongest Demon Ring Sword World Origin skill
Ghost Ring

Introducing the Demon Ring Sect

As stated earlier, the highlight of Ma Nhan is the ability to deal damage from a combination of skills such as “Fire Lotus Fen Hoa”, “Thien Ngoai Luu Tinh”, and “Thien Ngoai Luu Tinh”, and “Thoi Son Dien Hai”. Not only that, the effect of the skill “Disturbing Soul” paralyzes opponents, preventing them from using skills and moving. At the same time, the skill “Magic Knife Thon Hon” also makes an important contribution with the ability to suck blood, giving it an advantage in PvP matches and when confronting other sects.

Besides, Ma Nhan’s passive skills not only enhance attack power, but also increase fire attack, vitality and resistance to adverse effects. This makes Ma Nhan a key sect in PvP battles as well as other combat activities.

How to increase the strongest Demon Ring Sword World Origin skill
How to increase Demon Ring skill points

The most accurate way to increase Ma Nhan’s skill points

  • Active Skills: Prioritize upgrades Thien Ngoai Luu Tinh, Son Dien Hai Village, Hoa Lien Phan Hoa. The remaining skills improve evenly.

  • Passive Skills: Prioritize upgrades Thien Nhan Dao Dharma, Si Khong Ma Diem, Ma Diem That Sat according to the allowable level. The remaining skills improve evenly.

  • Combos: Fire Lotus Fen Hoa (Drag the target in) then drop other skills like Thien Ngoai Luu Tinh, Thon Son Dien Hai.

In addition, there is a tip for you to know how to increase the skills of Ring Ghosts, which is to look at the skill tables of the top talents of Ring Ghosts and imitate them.

As for potential, to have the strongest damage, you increase the Max potential in Internal and how much you put in Constitution to increase health, or depending on your play style, you can choose the appropriate increase.

With instructions on how to increase skill points, Origin hopes to help you maximize the power of this sect. Wish you have fun playing the game.

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