How To Conduct Tambola Game Online

Looking for some online fun with your mates and family? No need to look any further than Tambola! It’s a super fun game that you can play online with all your fav people. Plus, it’s easy to learn and perfect for all ages. Follow these easy-peasy steps, and you’ll have a Tambola game going in no time!

Get Your Crew Together

Want to have a blast online? First, you gotta spread the word and get people who are pumped to join! The simplest way to get the message out there is by hitting up social media or email. If you’ve got buddies who might be into a game of Tambola online, make sure to holler at them directly. Don’t forget to let everyone know when the game is on so they can clear their schedule.

Once you’ve got everyone together, it’s time to set some game rules. You’ll need someone who knows their Tambola and someone who’s a tech wizard to tackle any tech issues that might pop up during the game. It’s a good idea to assign jobs – like a host or moderator – so someone is in charge of making sure everyone’s playing by the rules.

And make sure everyone has their own scorecard (you can print ’em or go digital). This helps everyone keep tabs on their points when it’s time to tally up. Make sure the scorecards have everyone’s names on them so there’s no mix-ups!


Pick Your Platform

Picking the perfect platform to host your shindig is key, so take a look around and find an app that’s your perfect match! There are tons of Tambola game apps out there with cool features like inviting players with a link or code, customizing the look of your game, automatic results, and leaderboards. Most apps can even link with social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp so you can invite your buddies easily.

Some apps have extra goodies like virtual cash and tickets for winners of mini-games – that’s sure to ramp up the excitement during your Tambola game. Some platforms even have multi-language options, which is great if you’re playing with family from different countries.

Whether you’re planning a small get-together or a big online bash, find an app that’s user-friendly and helps you keep track of all the deets. You don’t want anything too complicated or tricky. And make sure to check out reviews online before you decide, so you can feel good about your choice.

Get the Game Going

Once you’ve picked the perfect platform, it’s time to get the party started! Start by sorting out tickets and assigning roles. Let everyone pick their ticket number, or choose a team leader to do it. Each team should have their own set of tickets with different numbers to keep track of during the game. If you can, hand out the tickets randomly to keep things fair.

Next, decide how long you want the game to last and what kind of prizes you’ll give out throughout the game. Set rules like whether players can use multiple tickets with the same numbers. Also, let everyone know about any bonus rounds you might have, like “Full House” or “Coverall” etc.

Then, once everything’s ready, hit ‘Go’ and let the good times roll! Make sure all players know what they need to do to win and keep things light by chatting and joking between turns.

Let’s Play!


You’re just a few steps away from winning some cool prizes! Once you’ve set up the game, it’s time to play. That means keeping track of scores and calling out numbers. Make sure everyone knows who’s calling out numbers and which numbers have already been called so no one misses out.

If a player picks a number that’s already been called, they’ll need to pick again. Everyone needs to mark off any matching numbers on their card to win prizes or points.

Once all the numbers on a card are marked off, it’s time to claim your prize or point! Make sure everyone checks with each other before declaring themselves winners. Get playing now, you don’t want to miss out!

Time for Winners

Once all the numbers are marked off, it’s time to announce the lucky winners! Before you do, make sure everyone’s had enough time to pick their numbers and cross them off. Start announcing the winners one by one. Make sure everyone knows what they’ve won before moving on to the next winner.

After you’ve handed out all the prizes, take a sec to thank everyone for joining and congratulate them on their winnings. Don’t forget to give a shout out to anyone who donated prizes or cash! You can ask everyone what they thought of the game – that way you can make future games even better.

The end of the game should be a blast – share some happy messages or post pics from your game. That way everyone can remember the fun they had!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many folks can join in Tambola online?


Tambola online is super fun when you play with buddies and fam. You just need some virtual tokens that you can find on many gaming apps. The player count in an online Tambola game changes depending on the app you use, but it usually lets 2-6 players play at the same time. This is perfect for small get-togethers, and bigger groups can also have a blast playing from different places.

Any special rules for playing Tambola online?

Yeah, there are some special rules for Tambola online. First off, everyone’s gotta buy their ticket before the game kicks off. Then you have to decide the game setup: what kind of tickets to use, what the prizes will be, and when to announce the winners. During the game, you gotta keep an eye on who’s calling out which numbers and make sure everyone gets a chance to play. Lastly, make sure everyone gets the rules before starting to avoid any mix-ups during the game.

Can you tweak the game a bit?

Yeah, you can totally tweak your Tambola game online. You can make tickets with cool designs or messages of your own. Also, you can give out different kinds of prizes like for certain numbers being called, full house winners, and even cash prizes. Making your Tambola game your own gives you a chance to give players a thrilling and unique game each time they play.

Any age limit for playing Tambola online?

Playing Tambola online is an awesome way to enjoy this classic game with friends and family. There’s no exact age limit for playing Tambola online, but remember to consider skill level and what the prizes are when deciding who should play. Generally, players should be old enough to get the rules of the game and understand any rewards that come from winning. It’s also key to think about if playing for money or prizes is okay for everyone involved.

Does the platform help if the game ain’t working right?

If you’re playing Tambola online and hit a snag, remember that a lot of platforms have tech support. Whether you’re having trouble getting connected or have other safety worries, their team will be there to help. They can answer your questions, fix problems, and make sure the game runs smoothly so everyone can have a good time.


Playing Tambola online can be a real hoot and a great way to connect with people. With the right platform, you can set up the game quickly and get everyone playing in a snap. Don’t forget to announce the winners and cheer for them! You’ll find that with a little bit of planning, online Tambola games can be super fun for everyone. So why not give it a shot? It’s gonna be an experience you won’t forget!