How To Check Game Hours On Ps5

Wanna know how much time you’ve been burning on your PS5? Checking’s a breeze with just a few clicks! On the PlayStation 5 Home Screen, click on Your Profile, and you’ll find your Game Hours in no time. Keep reading, and we’ll show you how. Let’s do this!

Ready to see how many hours you’ve spent gaming on your PS5? It’s super simple and only takes a few steps. We’ll guide you through each one, so by the end of this, you’ll know exactly how to see your game hours. So let’s jump in and see what’s next!

Access the PlayStation 5 Home Screen

Almost there! Getting to the PlayStation 5 Home Screen’s a snap – just hit the PS button on your controller. From there, you can tweak settings, check how far you’ve gotten in your games, and even set time limits. You can also set up parental controls, mess with system settings, and handle accounts.


Once you’re on the PlayStation 5 Home Screen, you can scroll through your games and apps or launch one with a click. You can see what’s fresh in the PlayStation Store or catch up on the latest game news. To see how many hours you’ve put into a game, just pick it from your library, and scroll down to the “Time Played” bit.

If you hit R1 or L1, you’ll see an overview of all your playtime for every game, and how much time you’ve put in each month. It’s a cool way to keep tabs on how much you’ve been gaming and make sure you’re not going overboard.

Navigate to Your Profile

Finding your profile’s easy. Just go to the Home page and click on ‘My Page’. There, you can sneak a peek at your gaming stats and see how many hours you’ve been playing. It’s also a handy place to switch games or tweak any parental controls on your console. To find your profile on the PS5, just click ‘My Page’ from the Home Menu at the bottom of the screen.

Once you’re in ‘My Page’, you’ll see lots of options like Friends, Messages, Trophies, and Settings. Scroll through or use the left thumbstick to move between them. Find ‘Game Time’, and select it with the X/A button or circle/B button, depending on your controller.

The Game Time thing shows how long you’ve been gaming each day for a week. It’s perfect if you want to see how much time you’re spending on video games daily, or if you want to know what games you’ve been playing most recently. Plus, it shows all the trophies you snagged in those 7 days, with the dates, so you know exactly when you got ’em.

Find the “Game Hours” Option

From ‘My Page’, you can quickly scroll down to spot the “Game Hours” button, showing you how long you’ve been gaming each day over the past week. This is a cool tool cause it helps gamers get a grip on how much they’re playing and lets parents have a say in how much time is spent on video games. The “Game Hours” thing also makes gaming safer by keeping track of daily playtime to help you manage screen time and avoid playing too much.


By hitting the “Game Hours” button, you’ll see your gaming history like total hours played per day and the average over a week. It’ll even show what games you were playing and if any of them had online multiplayer or chat through PlayStation Network (PSN).

The “Game Hours” feature is a super handy way to make sure gamers take breaks from playing but still lets them keep track of their progress and have fun with friends. By watching their game hours, players can be sure they don’t play too much without knowing it, so they can keep making smart choices about how they chill out.

Check Your Game Hours

Checking your game hours lets you see how long you’ve been playing each day, so you can keep your gaming in check and not play too much. On the PS5, tracking your game hours can help you see how much time you’ve spent on each game. To check your hours for a certain game, first hit the main menu. Then pick ‘Game Library’ to see all the games on your console. Pick the game you want to see, then scroll down to “Total Game Hours Played” under “Details & Options”. This number tells you how much time everyone’s spent playing this game on your console. If there are several players on one account, all the playtime gets added up, and if you’re using more than one controller, that time gets added too. With this feature, you can easily keep tabs on how much time you’re spending on gaming each day!

Monitor Your Gaming Habits

By keeping an eye on your gaming, you can make sure you’re not playing too much and that it doesn’t turn into a bad habit. To do this, set some time limits and rules for yourself. Cutting down the time you spend gaming each day can help you avoid playing too much or blowing too much cash on in-game stuff. Think about setting some personal rules for the kinds of games you play, like avoiding the really violent ones.

Remember, tracking game hours isn’t just about cutting back – it’s also about making sure you’re getting enough sleep and moving around during the day. Having a regular sleep schedule and taking breaks between games is key to staying sharp and feeling good. Doing other stuff like reading, working out, or hanging out with friends can help shake things up and lower stress tied to gaming.

Keeping track of your game hours doesn’t have to be a drag; it’s a chance to take charge of how you feel and what makes you happy. By planning things out and sticking to it, you’ll find the perfect mix of work, rest, and play before you know it!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep track of my kid’s game time?


Keeping an eye on your kid’s game time is a smart way to make sure they’re not playing too much. You can do this by using parental controls on their PlayStation 5, letting you put a cap on how much time they’re gaming. This means setting daily limits and times when they can play games. The PS5 also gives you activity reports to help you keep tabs on how they’re gaming, making sure the rules are being followed.

What games can I play on the PS5?

The PlayStation 5’s got all sorts of games, from action and adventure to sports and playing with friends online. You can run around in colorful worlds, fight in quick battles, or challenge your buddies online. The PS5’s designed to make gaming smooth and fun with cool graphics and great sound. Plus, thanks to its ability to play old games, you can enjoy games from the past on your PS5. So no matter what you’re into, the PS5’s got something for you!

How do I get on the PlayStation Network?

Getting on the PlayStation Network’s a piece of cake. Just log into your PSN account on your PlayStation 5, and you can dive into online games, hang out with gaming groups, or try new games. Make sure your console’s up to date with the latest PSN stuff so you can have fun with everything it offers for online gaming. Whether you’re meeting up for game night or hunting for something new, the PlayStation Network’s got loads to offer!

Can I play PS4 games on the PS5?

Yep, you can play PS4 games on the PS5! Just pop your PS4 disc in the console or download your digital games, and you can play like you always have – but maybe even better. The PS5 has some new online stuff that the PS4 didn’t, like quicker load times and nicer graphics. So if you want to keep playing your favorite PS4 games but make it even better, then give the PS5 a go!

How do I move my stuff from my PS4 to my PS5?

Moving your stuff from the PS4 to the PS5’s no sweat. Just get both consoles online, go to “Settings” on your PS4, then “System,” and then “Data Transfer Utility.” You can pick what files and games you want to send over. Just remember that some parental controls might apply online, so check with your game folks if you need to. When you’re done moving things over, you can jump right into playing on your new console!


To find your game hours on PS5, start with the Home Screen. From there, go to Your Profile and look for the “Game Hours” button. Hit that, and you’ll get a rundown of how much you’ve been gaming. It’s a neat way to make sure you’re not going overboard with playtime. Now that you know how to check your game hours on PS5, why not make it part of your regular gaming? That way, you’ll stay in the driver’s seat and not get too hooked!