How To Borrow Games On Ps4

Looking to grow your game collection without spending a fortune? With a bit of digging around online and an internet connection, you can easily get your hands on games to play on your PlayStation 4. By getting how the borrowing thing works and making sure your info is safe, you can have hours of fun without shelling out a single cent. In this article, we’ll go over what you need, where to look for games, how to borrow ’em, and how to give ’em back when you’re done. Let’s dive in!

What You Need

Ready to roll? Here’s the scoop before you jump into gaming! If you wanna borrow games on your PS4, you’ll need a few things to make everything go smooth. First off, you gotta have digital versions of the games. Depending on where you got the game, you might have to download it from an online shop or get it from a shared account. Also, both players need PlayStation Network accounts with their own usernames and passwords and enough space on their systems for new game downloads. And if someone’s played the game they want to borrow before on their console, they’ll probably need to get into another user’s account to play it.


For two folks playing on one console to share a game the right way, it’s key that both accounts are hooked up on the same system, so all the saved stuff can be reached by either player whenever. It’s also big for users who want to borrow games from each other on PS4s to not only have the right permissions but also Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus subscriptions going so multiplayer gaming stays up and running between players. This way, they get cool discounts and offers from their subscriptions while having a blast with shared games without buying extra copies of the same ones.

Before you even start the whole game-borrowing thing between gamers on PS4s, take a minute beforehand to check all the must-haves like making sure you own the digital copies of games and that all accounts have the right logins and details. Doing this can keep headaches away down the road and make sure everyone has a top-notch time playing together with borrowed games!

Where to Find Games

Want something new to play? You’re in the right place! Whether you want an old classic or the latest hot release, there’s a ton of stuff on PS4. Got lots of ways to borrow games and get at new stuff. You can snag physical discs from pals or share digital versions online with services like Share Play and Playstation Now.

With physical discs, you can trade with buddies who’ve got the games you wanna play. Cool if someone’s got a game that you can’t find anywhere else. Just remember, you can’t save your progress unless your friend says it’s okay or lets you transfer their save data.

Share Play’s like handing off a game from one console to another over the internet. You both hang out in a virtual lobby and mess around with each other’s games. Playstation Now gives you access to a whole bunch of PS4/PS3 games, either through a subscription or buying ’em one at a time. So whatever your budget, you’ve got loads of ways to play more PS4 games.

How to Borrow Games

There are so many options, it’s easy to dive into some fresh virtual fun. One of the coolest ways to borrow games on the PS4 is game swapping or borrowing from friends or family. This is perfect if you’re strapped for cash but wanna try something new.

Another way to get at games on PS4 is by joining subscription services like PlayStation Plus. Sign up, and you’ll get free games every month, plus discounts on others. Some even let you save games in the cloud, so you can play them on different devices without having to buy ’em over and over.

You can also rent games from places that do video game rentals. This way you can try the latest games without spending a fortune. Usually, you’ll pay a joining fee, then a little bit each day for the games you borrow – so check all the fine print before you rent anything.

How to Keep Your Games Safe

How to Keep Your Games Safe

Don’t let your favorite games go to waste! If you’re borrowing games on PS4, make sure to back ’em up. Maybe save regularly or share ’em with friends on PlayStation Plus.

Keep your borrowed games safe by letting only the right folks get at ’em. If you’re lending a PS4 disc, make sure they know that others can see what’s on the disc. And if someone’s borrowing your digital copy, make sure they know how things work.

Protect against damage or theft, too. Keep everything tucked away safely when you’re not using it and think about stuff like tracking or encryption for extra safety. By doing this, you can make sure all your games stay safe while you’re lending ’em out.

How to Return Games

Giving games back is just as important as keeping ’em safe. If it’s a physical game, just give it back to the person or store. But if you’re sharing digitally on PS4, it’s trickier. To give back digital games shared through PSN, everyone has to unlink their consoles from each other’s accounts. That way, no one else can get at the downloaded stuff, and you’re all squared away.

When you return digital games, don’t forget to delete all the saved data tied to those games on your console. That way, all your private stuff stays private. And check for updates or fixes before you delete ’em, so you don’t run into trouble later.

If you do everything right, giving back games, whether they’re physical or digital, shouldn’t be a big deal. Stick to these steps and be careful, and you can game with friends without sweating over losing anything important

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I keep the game I borrowed?


If you’re thinking of borrowing a game, how long you can keep it and the rental rules matter a lot. Mostly, how long you can borrow a game depends on what service you’re using. Some might let you keep it for just a few days, or even a few weeks. But remember, most places will make you give the game back or pay more if you keep it too long. Some places also limit how many games you can rent at once. It’s key to know these rules if you’re looking to borrow a game and get the most out of it.

Got to pay to play?

When you’re sharing games, sometimes you’ve got to pay extra. The cost can change based on what the game company or platform sets as the borrowing rules. Usually, players have to pay a small fee to play the game for a set time, and you’ll usually get your money back if you return it on time. So, make sure you know the rules before you say yes to anything.

Can I borrow games from other places?

Borrowing games from other countries might be tricky because of different games being available in different places. You might not get some games that are only in certain areas, so think about that if you’re trying to borrow a game from somewhere else. Plus, there are rules about sharing; like if you borrow a game from a friend and it’s tied to their account, you can’t play it after the borrowing time is up. Be aware of these rules if you’re lending or borrowing games from other countries.

Any rules on what games I can borrow?


If you’re borrowing games on PS4, some rules might keep you from getting certain games. Like, if you want a digital copy of a game, there might be sharing rules, and you might not be able to borrow the same game over and over. You should also ask the game’s owner before borrowing, as some games have special rules about who can play them.

How many games can I borrow at once?

You can borrow up to two games at the same time with your PS4 sharing rights. But keep in mind there are limits on games, so check if you can share the game you want before trying. And make sure the person you’re borrowing from has enough sharing rights left for you, so you don’t run into problems with borrowing more than one game.


So now you know how to borrow games on your PS4. All you need is a working email and internet. You can find games to borrow on the PlayStation Store or other online shops. To get a game, just log in with your account and follow the steps for borrowing. And, make sure your console is safe when playing borrowed games by keeping it updated with the latest security stuff. You’ve got all the info now, so go have fun with this cool feature! Trying new games has never been this easy – go out there and start playing!