HOT: Persona 3 Reload – Give away 3 game keys worth more than 1 million

Putting on a new look with completely upgraded graphics, Persona 3 Reload – remake of the title role-playing game Personas 3, ready to revive the experiences and elements that made a masterpiece of the past. With visual improvements as well as adjustments to suit the tastes and preferences of current gamers, Persona 3 Reload promises to bring exciting adventures to gamers, whether you are coming into contact with IP Persona for the first time or are a die-hard fan of the series.

On the occasion of Person 3 Reload’s release, GameHub collaborated with the publisher SEGA organized a minigame to give away 3 completely free game keys to readers. Please follow the rules below to immediately win this game worth over 1 million for yourself!




  1. Fully comply with the above rules and methods of participation
  2. Editing comments will not be counted.
  3. Prizes will be taken according to XSMB results on February 4.
  4. If there are multiple people choosing the same lucky number, the person who comments first will be chosen as the recipient of the code.
  5. BTC’s decision is final.

Participation deadline: From 5:00 p.m. February 2, 2023 to 5:00 p.m. February 4, 2023.

Wish you luck!​

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