Her daughter has been missing for many days, the streamer posted a forum asking netizens for help

Authorities in Carlisle, Ohio are actively investigating the disappearance of Sarah Nicole Perkins, daughter of Twitch streamer “MikeyPerk”. Sarah left home last Friday night (June 25) and until now has not returned.


Like many other parents, MikeyPerk was heartbroken by his daughter’s disappearance. After tirelessly searching all around Ohio to no avail, male streamer has arrived Twitch along social networking sites in the hope of receiving help from netizens. Immediately, #FINDSARAH became a trending hashtag on Twitter thanks to the community actively sharing MikeyPerk’s message.

MikeyPerk’s daughter Sarah, 17, has been missing since the night of June 25 after running away from home to attend a party with friends. When discovered, MikeyPerk saw his daughter climb into a black Nissan car with two other friends. He quickly called Sarah and received a promise to return home, after which the phone appeared to be disconnected. According to Sarah’s friends, she “sneaked out of the party to go to a hotel with two seniors”.

Sarah is nearly 1m60 tall with brown hair and eyes, on her right arm there is a small tattoo of the infinity symbol with the words “Love you more”. Currently, police in Ohio counties are actively investigating, and MikeyPerk himself is continuously searching but has not yet found any results.


Although posting the disappearance on social networks faced a lot of criticism, saying that MikeyPerk was just taking advantage to polish his name. However, as a father, MikeyPerk is just “using everything I have to bring my child home.” MikeyPerk said he will continuously update news about Sarah on social networks so that the community can follow and help his family.

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