Hello, General Manager releases the biggest Update of 2023 with the first UR general “DONG HON TRIEU VAN”

As soon as it is released on April 27, 2023, Hello General The Gamota family immediately received a lot of attention from the gaming community, especially gamers with a strong passion for strategic gameplay and the Three Kingdoms.

It is known that on December 22, 2023, Alo Chu Tuong released the biggest update of 2023 when launching the general. UR The first character of the game is the god general Trieu Van and the name of the Update also bears the name of this general “Dragon SOUL TRIEU VAN”

As the most powerful general, Long Hon Trieu Van, will have the characteristics of a strong infantry always rushing forward. Specific strength of Trieu Van UR:​


Natural talent: Resistance to Dragon Vo Hoi

When opening, Trieu Van’s team enters attack state, increasing movement speed by 200%, attack speed by 150%, total attack by 150%, lasting 16 seconds. During this time, they cannot be engaged and can attack the team. range from the enemy even if the team is blocked (Priority level to find the enemy of assault status: Bow > Strategy > Light Cavalry > Heavy Cavalry > Foot > Shield).


  • Du Long At Da: When Trieu Van attacks, there is a 15% chance of activating Dragon Strike, causing the enemy in front to have Martial ST equal to 100% of Attack. This ST is definitely Violent and cannot be dodged.​

  • Armored Cuong Quan: Own team increases total ATK by 20%, Defense by 20%, Attack by 15%.​

  • Thunderstorm Rage: Increases own Storm by 15%, after activating Storm, it will reduce the target’s attack speed by 50%, lasting 1.5 seconds.​

  • Thiet Ma Dan Thuong: After all our soldiers die, Trieu Van can dodge all STs for 2.4 seconds, during that time increasing his running speed by 200%, attack speed by 100%, attack speed by 100%.​



Especially the Deputy General feature is only available in UR generals

Appointing 1 of the following 3 generals as a deputy, Trieu Van UR can activate the corresponding deputy skill.
Zhang Fei: When the first attack causes the target’s leader to have 20% of their maximum attack damage, all of this General’s soldiers will flee.
Hoang Trung: Every 6 attacks will use Starlight Arrow to attack the target team, dealing Martial Damage equal to 120% of Attack.
Ma Van Loc: When engaging in battle, summon 3 wolves to join the battle. War Wolf prioritizes attacking the main general. Warrior Wolf inherits 50% of the General’s attack and 50% of his ATK.

In addition to the release of the UR general Trieu Van, the Dragon Soul Trieu Van version also updates extremely powerful new features.


Breakthrough promotion of SSR generals to SSR+: The feature can upgrade gamers’ SSR general to SSR+ with extremely powerful stats and new effects, capable of changing the entire position of that General on the battlefield.


New cusp Kim Tinh Da


Introducing a new martial spirit


Hello General Gamota – Dragon Soul Trieu Van appears

There are also many extremely attractive updates such as the new mount Kim Tinh Da, the launch of new martial souls, the launch of new weapons, etc.

Immediately update the latest information about the huge update version of Alo Chu Tuong at:

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