Helldivers 2 plot: Super Earth & hostile forces explained

Helldivers 2 was by far one of the biggest surprises of the year attracting countless players worldwide. The world of Helldivers 2 puts players in the role of a titular Helldiver, an elite soldier tasked with protecting Super-Earth from surrounding threats in the galaxy. The game’s plot is not complicated, but it is full of irony and makes each player’s “dive into hell” have more depth.

Core values ​​of Super Earth


First and foremost, Super Earth, or Super Earth, is an extremely tyrannical force in the galaxy, thriving thanks to a large number of citizens joining the military, through a brainwashing propaganda campaign aimed at protecting humanity, freedom and humanity. freedom and democracy. In fact, Super Earth is always ready to destroy any life form that could become a threat to their “managed democracy”. In Helldivers 2’s intergalactic war, players will have to participate in extremely dangerous campaigns that, according to Super Earth, are for the greater good.

Managed Democracy


A phrase that Helldivers 2 players will be familiar with is “Managed Democracy.” With the help of special software, the citizens of Super Earth will be asked several questions on the Galactic Wide Web and the computer will vote on them based on the citizens’ answers. Computer assistance in voting and political discourse would control the potential chaos that a huge population could cause, giving rise to the philosophy of Super-Earth Managed Democracy .

Military service


Military service for Super Earth is not really mandatory but it is highly encouraged. Every citizen was given an M2016 bolt-action rifle on their 16th birthday as a way to motivate them for military service. Weapons in Helldivers 2 are clearly vital in eliminating threats across the galaxy, so joining the military is highly valued by Super Earth’s entire society. The most sought after position in Super Earth’s military is to be part of the Helldiver corps, as it gives the people the greatest sense of purpose fighting for humanity.


Spread managed democracy across the galaxy. Become a hero. Become a legend. Become a Helldiver.

Enemies of Super Earth

There are two main forces across the galaxy that Super Earth considers the most threatening. The enemies in Helldivers 2 are certainly challenging, which is why these missions are only for the most elite soldiers.


Terminid are bug-like aliens who are one of the greatest threats to Super Earth and its freedom. According to Super Earth, these bugs are considered a plague that must be eliminated at any cost, but they are also a valuable resource. During their decomposition, Terminid produces an impressive amount of oil, making them extremely important to Super-Earth’s infrastructure. The importance of freedom in Helldivers 2 means that Terminid must be destroyed but also harvested for the precious oil their rotting corpses provide.

When talking about oil, we all understand what the game is referring to in the real world



Automatons are robotic enemies determined to destroy Super-Earth and its freedom. While they may not possess the same natural resources as the Terminid, defeating the Automatons is a top priority for the Helldivers, as these robotic enemies are armed with powerful weapons and skilled in combat. The origin of the Automaton remains a mystery, but some theories suggest that they are connected to the Cyborgs from the first Helldiver game.

As Helldivers 2 continues to develop, the society that Super Earth founded will persistently fight for freedom and managed Democracy, while the Helldivers are still bravely putting their lives on the line. risk. As the game progresses, new and interesting aspects of Super Earth’s plot will likely be revealed, providing further insight into a fun, ironic, and endlessly crafted world. same skill.

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