Hatsune Miku suddenly appeared on … High School Graduation Exam in Ireland

Hatsune Miku Is one virtual singer created digitally (Vocaloid) and is a historic business success for Crypton Future Media (CFM). In Japanese, her name means “Music of the Future”. Starting from 2007 until now, Miku has become a true Idol in Vietnam Japan and has millions of fans worldwide.

Initially, Miku was just a 3D model created by Yamaha using computer software, animated and recorded in advance. Then CFM sensed that this would be a successful business, so since 2004 it has cooperated with Yamaha to upgrade Miku to version 2.0 with many unbelievable breakthroughs: creating singers for characters, building Build a separate life for her using technology to recreate hologram images, create a unique voice, design a warehouse of performance costumes,…


Recently, the famous female Idol of the land of the rising sun suddenly appeared in the entire High School Graduation exam Ireland makes many fans excited. It is known that this exam in Ireland is equivalent to the High School Graduation exam in Vietnam. Accordingly, in the English section of the exam there are 2 parts about Hatsune Miku.

In the reading comprehension skills test, candidates will have to read a short essay about the popularity of the blue-haired Vocaloid and then answer the given questions, including one quite interesting question such as: “Would you attend a concert by a real life singer like Lady Gaga or a virtual singer like Hatsune Miku?”. In the writing portion, contestants will write an essay on the theme of Hatsune Miku escaping the digital confines and entering real life (Sounds quite like fanfiction, right).


It must be admitted that the coverage of Hatsune Miku has expanded a lot in the past decade, to the point that even we are not aware of it, and her appearance in the exam is a testament to that. that.

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