Has Halo’s Battle Royale project been cancelled?

Late last week, there was a rumor about a post-production Halo according to mode Battle Royale with the codename Project Tatanka being canceled, it quickly spread on social networks. It all started with a few shares on the XboxEra podcast, in which the three hosts (Jon Clarke, Nick Baker and Jesse Norris) discussed the project being canceled.

News about Halo’s Battle Royale project has been spreading ever since Halo Infinite launching in 2021. The mode is said to be in development at supporting studio Certain Affinity. Both Microsoft and the developer 343 Industries has never publicly disclosed or commented on this.

In an interview in September 2022, Certain Affinity President and COO Paul Sams shared that there is a large Halo project being developed based on the Battle Royale gameplay: “For the time being, we cannot say more.” What about it? This is the largest project of the 3 projects we have currently. Nearly 100 of our developers are working on this project.”


By January 2023, Bloomberg reported that Tatanka originated from a Battle Royale game and may develop in many other directions. All the information given in the context of the future for the next Halo sequel is extremely murky due to the poor performance of Halo Infinite.

Currently in Halo Infinite there are 2 modes similar to traditional Battle Royale gameplay: Last Spartan Standing – a free mode that allows 12 players to fight to find the last survivor, and a Big Team Battle version that increases the number of players. number of players from 8v8 to 12v12. However, after only 4 months of launch, Last Spartan Standing was replaced by Team Double. Big Team Battle does not bring too many unique experiences to gamers. This raises the question of whether Battle Royale is really what Halo and gamers of this series need right now?​

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