Hard-core fans of the game Bethesda “abused” the character, forcing them to plow for 227 hours without eating or drinking

Right when it’s at its worst, games Bethesda still brings great freedom to gamers. Sometimes they make players move away from the main content that the developer wants to emphasize and only focus on their own challenges such as using only one type of weapon in combat no matter how difficult the battle is or building a ship modeled after the legendary sword in the Halo series… However, this same feature has helped Bethesda games retain their die-hard fans.

Recently, a Reddit user named Ant_6431 just proved his love for Starfield – a game title RPG of Bethesda, by accumulating up to 227 hours of gameplay and during that time not letting the character eat or sleep at all. Thanks to that, Ant_6431’s character has discovered up to 1175 locations in the game.

Ant_6431’s character was not allowed to eat or rest for 227 hours

Some players pointed out that Ant_6431’s approach would cause him to miss out on some useful XP increases, such as a 10% in-game boost and even a 15% boost if accompanied by a companion. However, based on the number of locations the character has visited, this does not seem to be too big of an issue for Ant_6431. Below this gamer’s post, the community also expressed hope that Bethesda will add a survival mode to the game, similar to Skyrim or Fallout 4.

2024 is not a very successful year for new products from Bethesda. Since its release, Starfield’s player base has continuously declined, which is in stark contrast to the good long-distance running characteristics of other games in the same house. Hopefully, upcoming updates and new DLC can bring a breath of fresh air to the game.

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