Hades II – Everything we know so far

Hades Definitely one of the best games of 2020. Belonging to the roguelike genre, the game has creative storytelling with a unique gameplay that few other games can imitate. Now Supergiant Games is working on a live sequel titled Hades 2. And with what has been revealed, we can absolutely look forward to the next blockbuster Greek mythology.

The only trailer of Hades 2 to date

In Hades II, players take on the role of Melinoëthe main character’s younger sister Zagreus of the first part. In Greek mythology, the relationship between Melinoë and Zagreus fluctuates depending on the story. In most versions, Melinoë is Zagreus’ half-sister – both have the same mother (Persephone) but different fathers as Zagreus is the son of Hades while Melinoë is the daughter of Zeus. Yes, a very Greek mythological relationship.


However, there are versions of the story where both are children of Hades, and Hades II seems to be using this version, as the trailer shows Hades in chains and Melinoë says she came to save her. my father. But all of that should just stop at speculation, because Supergiant has a knack for misdirection to surprise fans. Hades initially appears to be about Zagreus trying to escape the Underworld to join Olympus, but is actually the story of a young boy trying to reconnect with his mother. So we won’t know what Hades II really is until we get to touch it in person.

Unlike Zagreus, who always finds a way to “go up,” it seems that Melinoë will start at ground level and then try to go deeper into Hell to find and kill Chronos, the Titan of time, who is holding her father. She is supported by the goddess of witchcraft Hecate, the god of light Apollo, the personification of doom Moros, the personification of retribution Nemesis, and several other ghosts, gods and giants.


In terms of gameplay, Hades II looks very similar to its predecessor. This is a roguelike in which you fight your way through groups of enemies, upgrade different weapons, and find and use buffs and spells of different mythological characters. , to defeat enemies and reveal the plot’s secrets. Every time the character dies, you will have to start over from the beginning, only retaining certain upgrades, encouraging players to adapt with each try to progress further and further.

An official launch date for Hades II has not yet been set, but the game is scheduled to release in Early Access in Q2 2024. Hades was also initially in Early Access for nearly two years, from December 2018 for PC before officially launching for PC and Switch in September 2020, followed by Xbox and PlayStation in September 2021.


The complete version of Hades II may be released sooner, as Supergiant is developing it based on an existing formula. During Early Access, Hades II will – like the original game – receive several major content updates that will expand the number of story events, introduce more characters, and add new weapons and buffs as well as additional music and environments. These updates will “peak” in patch 1.0, when it adds an ending to the story of Hades II.

So far, Hades II has only been confirmed for PC, releasing on Steam and the Epic Games Store. The game appears to be coming to other platforms as well, but it hasn’t been officially announced yet. Other platforms expected are Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and possibly even the fabled Switch 2.

Readers can now access it Hades II’s page on Steam to wait for the day the game launches Early Access version.​

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