Hackers are angry, attacking the game just because… another game “in the same house” has too many hacks

Recently, Apex Legends – title shooting game famous of Respawn Entertainment has been attacked by hackers. But what caught everyone’s attention the most was the reason for this hack, all just to complain Titanfalla game series also developed by Respawn Entertainment, has too many hackers.​


Some PC players of Apex Legends have discovered that playlists and notifications in the game have been hacked and replaced with text complaining about Titanfall hackers. In the messages, hackers complain that Titanfall is extremely bad right now, while EA and Respawn have not taken any effective action to protect their old games from hackers. They pretend like they don’t know the situation, continuing to sell games like this is like cheating. At the same time, the hackers also introduced players to a website with the domain name SaveTitanfall.com (Save Titanfall).​

Not only PC, PS4 and Xbox users are also affected by this attack. Accordingly, players cannot choose any playlist other than SaveTitanfall – the hacked playlist. The incident also caused gamers to temporarily be unable to play Apex Legends. Developer Respawn Entertainment announced that they are aware of the ongoing issues and are investigating the hack’s impact on Apex Legends.


It is known that Titanfall and Titanfall 2 has been hacked and DDOS attacked for quite a long time, which makes gamers who love this game series feel extremely uncomfortable. Respawn Entertainment said they are trying to fix this situation but it is not easy.​

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