GTA 6 is suddenly entangled in controversy and may have to compensate a huge amount of money

Recently, Lawrence Sullivan – who is known by the nickname Joker Florida, denounced the developer Rockstar Games used his likeness for the trailer of GTA 6. Lawrence asked Rockstar Games to compensate him with up to 2 million USD.

It is known that the photo of Lawrence Sullivan dressed as the Joker with tattoos on his face and body attracted widespread attention on social networks in 2017. Thanks to that, Lawrence was nicknamed Florida’s Joker. . Lawrence believes that the criminal character with full face tattoos in the trailer of GTA 6 looks a lot like me. He hopes Rockstar will contact him and compensate him.

Images from the GTA 6 trailer and Lawrence Sullivan in real life

This controversy attracted the attention of a large number of the gaming community. While a part of players felt that the two’s appearance and tattoos looked very similar, many other players still decided to defend Rockstar Games. According to them, the hair color and details of some tattoos are still different and not exactly the same.

Ned Luke – the voice actor for Michael De Santa in GTA 5, also spoke up to defend Rockstar Games. According to Luke, the clown character has appeared in GTA 5 before and having another one in GTA 6 is nothing new. Luke also asked the Florida Joker to keep quiet.

This is not the first time Rockstar has been involved in controversy over the infringement of personal image rights, most notably with GTA 5. Famous American actress Lindsay Lohan sued Rockstar for allegedly using her image. photo of her likeness for the game without permission. However, this developer was acquitted.​

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