GTA 5’s “reveal” revealed 8 DLCs that players never knew about

On Christmas day, a major information leak about GTA 5 revealed that Rockstar Games has planned some single-player DLC. Although none of them have been released, what was discovered by online sleuths is extremely interesting.​


According to a report by Insider Gaming, Rockstar has apparently scrapped up to eight expansion packs for GTA 5 that they had planned. This was revealed when the game’s full source code was made public over Christmas, which contained references to unreleased DLC as well as scripts to run the game. Below is the full list of canceled DLCs:​

  • SP Assassination Pack​

  • SP Manhunt Pack​

  • SP Norman Pack​

  • Agent Trevor​

  • Relationship Pack​

  • Enterprise Pack​

  • Prologue DLC​

  • LibertyV DLC​

It’s difficult to determine the meaning behind each name, but we can still make a few guesses. The most notable is the fourth name, as this DLC will seemingly allow us to play as Trevor as an agent, or have to perform a certain mission. “Relationship Pack” may add dating or even marriage features to Los Santos. Not only that, Rockstar may have planned to bring gamers back to GTA IV’s Liberty City with “LibertyV DLC”. Finally, “Manhunt Pack” will likely have certain connections to Rockstar Games’ 2003 stealth action game of the same name.


What made Rockstar cancel these DLCs?

Although Rockstar apparently had plans for the aforementioned DLC, none of them were ever revealed, which may be due in part to the huge success of the game. GTA Online. It has generated nearly half a billion dollars a year since launch, so it makes sense for Rockstar Games to focus on this money-making machine.


It should be noted that, in 2017, Rockstar gave an interview to Game Informer that there were other factors that influenced the decision to cancel GTA 5’s DLC. Design Director Imran Sarwar said the versions The next generation of GTA 5 will take a while to complete, GTA Online is resource-hungry and Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming soon.

“The combination of these three factors means that for (GTA 5) we don’t feel single-player expansions are feasible or necessary, but we can do them for projects in the future. future,” Sarwar said. “At Rockstar, we will always have problems with our workload, because we are perfectionists and creating huge complex games takes a lot of time and resources. Not everything is possible, but we still love single-player open-world games more than anything. I don’t think you can make a game like GTA 5 if you don’t enjoy single-player games and trying to expand their capabilities!”


It’s worth noting that Red Dead Redemption 2, which launched in October 2018, also hasn’t received any DLC. Perhaps that won’t change now that Rockstar Games has shifted its entire focus and resources GTA 6. The game is expected to launch around 2025.​

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