God of Worms teases Demo, ghost players prepare to wear diapers

The domestic gaming industry has recently been quite vibrant with titles horror game Pure Vietnamese is very potential, prominent among them is God of Worms. Conceived and developed by DUT Studio, Than Trung immediately received the support of many gamers. The game is expected to release in the fourth quarter of this year and the Demo version will be available on Steam in the next few days.


During the days of being stuck at home due to the epidemic, a small consolation for gamers is that Than Trung will have a Demo version in the last days of August. According to information posted by Mr. Dung CT, project development team leader, the Demo has now been uploaded to Steam. However, we still need to wait a few more days to browse the game before we can officially play it.


Than Trung is one of three highly anticipated pure Vietnamese horror games at the present time, besides Blood Grass and Calamity. Set in an old boarding house in Hanoi in the 20th century, the trailer reveals part of the plot related to the mysterious death of a family of 5 on the same night. Maybe we’ll have to wait until the Demo opening day to know more about the details. Update the latest information about Than Trung as well as gaming industry news, invite readers to follow Fanpage:​

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