Ghost ships are real in real life and remain mysterious forever

1, The Ocean Wave


The story behind The Ocean Wave should have been filled with warmth. The Ocean Wave has a route from the US to the UK in about 10 weeks. Bas Jan Ader – a Dutch conceptual photographer and filmmaker who is also the ship’s only sailor – has planned a quite romantic itinerary. First, he hired a group of students to chorus the first part of the “shanties” before anchoring (songs often sung by sailors on ships while completing tasks or simply for entertainment). Then, Bas Jan Ader will travel from Cape Cod to Falmouth in England by rowing a small boat only 4 meters long. At the end of the journey, he will sing the final melody of the song, closing the special performance.

The problem is, Bas Jan Ader never made it to England, his ship was found floating off the coast of Spain, without any trace of Bas Jan Ader inside. Everyone thought that he was swept away by the waves or lost direction and died at sea. There are even rumors that this is all just a play created to cover up Bas Jan Ader’s suicide. Whatever the cause, in the end Bas Jan Ader died and the story behind it remains unanswered.

2, The High Aim 6


The High Aim 6 is a ship from China, leaving Taiwan port in October 2002. The ship was found in January 2003 near Australia and there were no sailors on board. Strangely, all emergency vehicles and food reserves were in good condition, and there was no smuggling of goods or transporting illegal immigrants, so it is unclear why people abandoned the ship.

Some time later, when a surviving crew member was located, the story was partly revealed. According to the story, some of the crew’s sailors murdered the ship’s captain and engineer, then left to return to their homeland. However, the reason behind the murders and the location of the criminals remains a mystery.

3, The Jian Seng


One ghost ship Another ship found in Australian waters in 2006 was named “Jian Seng” and there was still no trace of the crew. The ship had a broken tow rope, indicating that an accident seemed to have occurred while underway. There were no signs of piracy or damage on the ship, so the blame was placed on the rope. However, it’s not that simple. When digging deeper, people did not find any background information about the ship, as if it fell from the sky. No trace of identification, no registration information, no one knows who owns it. Many speculate that this is a supply ship for fishing boats, but no one knows where it originated.

(To be continued)

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