Gamers spent 15 years rebuilding the most infamous ship in human history

Ambition to recreate the ship Titanic in Mafia: Definitive Edition belong to modder Robin Bongaarts started in 2006. At that time, his goal was quite modest, just adding 3D models of ships to the world Mafia. However, with the development of technology, design tools such as Sketchup and Cinema4D become popular, Robin Bongaarts’ project no longer stops there, he wants to rebuild a sophisticated and elegant version of the Titanic. much more complicated.

Sharing with Eurogamer, Bongaarts said: “The time before starting to make the version mod Hey, there aren’t any Titanic games that allow players to freely explore the ship. Even Ship Simulators or Adventure Out of Time have certain limitations. So as soon as I discovered Mafia’s customization capabilities, I knew this would be the perfect place for me to create my own virtual Titanic. Back then, tools like Unreal Engine and Unity weren’t as popular as they are now, so taking advantage of an existing game like Mafia would make things a lot easier. I just need to model the boat and throw it in there, I thought it was as simple as that.”

Initially, Bongaarts expected it to take only 3 months to complete, but in the end, because of greater ambition, the time was extended to 15 years. Bongaarts currently has a group of modders working together, plus dozens of volunteers, helping him complete the project. According to the latest update in May, the modder team has completed most of the passenger decks inside the ship.

In addition to providing a model of the Titanic for gamers to explore, Bongaarts also scripted a separate story associated with the ship from its departure until it sank to the bottom of the sea. However, as for the plot, the modder team is currently in the early stages of development. The first released version of the mod simply gave players day/night options to explore the ship and dock.

Part 1 of the mod is expected to be released later this month. Interested readers can follow the progress and update more photos of the ship on ModDB.

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