Fractured Mind – Horror game Body Cam is so “beautiful” it’s chilling

Thanks to the job Unreal Engine 5 released, game graphics have never been pushed this far. Images generated on computers can now be mistaken for real life scenes. Even for small studios or self-made developers, creating a game with ultra-realistic graphics is completely within reach.

The Body Cam game genre is a typical example. Inspired by the themes of police or special forces who must wear recording devices when on duty, this genre often offers extremely realistic graphics and gameplay. But there are not only shooting games in this line horror game also started mixing in more Body Cam elements, with Fractured Mind is the name that is “haunting” the community right now.


Fractured Mind The story revolves around the main character Michael, a special agent and commander of a combat unit. Although only 28 years old, Michael has many remarkable achievements, the reason why he held the role of commander at a very young age. However, some recent mysterious events have caused Michael to no longer be himself, causing him to constantly see hallucinations and his skills to decline.

Players will take on the role of Michael when he suddenly appears in an empty train car. There was no explanation as to why he was here or what events lay ahead. The only thing that can help him know the answer is to move forward, step to the next train car and hope to find out the truth of the matter.


Throughout the length of Fractured Mind, gamers will only operate in the context of cramped, stylish train cars. PT by master developer Hideo Kojima. That’s why the whole level is an endless loop, pushing the main character into the next train car with an almost identical scene. But from there, players will begin to notice strange things in the familiar context around them. It could be passengers standing motionless with their faces obscured, blood stains of unknown origin, or something like a corpse hanging upside down in the middle of the train… all will make you gradually fall. deeper into the darkness of the Fractured Mind.

As mentioned, Fractured Mind possesses startlingly realistic graphics, allowing gamers to feel the suffocating atmosphere from the cold light of the metal layer to the old tube light bulb that is about to fail, only illuminating just enough around it. . You can clearly see the details of each poster, billboard, or sign on the train car… creating a lively space, but at the same time it also increases the fear.


Using Unreal Engine 5 and pursuing the “Hyper Realistic” graphic style, along with the realistic Body Cam element, Fractured Mind It is truly a game that is the most haunted by the gaming community at the moment.

You can download and play Fractured Mind for free on PC right here.

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