Following the character’s difficult movements in the game, the female coser had to be hospitalized for a broken bone

In the past few years, cosplay becoming more and more popular, countless young people enjoy dressing themselves up with costumes and accessories like their favorite characters in their favorite games, manga, and anime. Some coser even imitate the characters’ movements and this sometimes causes unfortunate consequences, for example the Japanese female coser below.​


Pretty Derby is currently one of the mobile games hottest in Japan, initially Cygames The game was planned to launch in 2018, but due to many reasons, it was not until February of this year that Pretty Derby could reach players. The game immediately attracted a large number of players in the land of the rising sun because of its beautiful graphics and rich, lovely characters. Therefore, Pretty Derby also quickly became the new “goal” of cosers.

Gold Ship’s Dropkick move in the game

In a cosplay activity held at Ohi racecourse (Tokyo, Japan), female coser @315cos cosplayed her favorite Pretty Derby character, Gold Ship. However, tragedy happened when she tried to imitate this character’s Dropkick move, she broke a bone and was forced to be hospitalized for treatment. Dropkick is an offensive move in professional wrestling in which a wrestler jumps up and kicks his opponent with the soles of his feet. However, this is a difficult and dangerous movement if you have never trained before.​

Female coser @315cos

It is known that @315cos had to pay 62 million for surgery and it will likely leave sequelae. The female coser also advises everyone not to follow her. If they want to perform Dropkick, they must be properly trained because even a slight technical mistake will leave unfortunate consequences.​

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