First look at Light No Fire – The latest title from the creators of No Man’s Sky

Hello Games is creating a new game titled Light No Fire and gave players their first look through the trailer shown in The Game Awards 2023. Although it also belongs to the sandbox genre, unlike No Man’s Sky, Light No Fire will only focus on a single planet, but will go into detail and promises to bring players unique experiences. like in the real world.

Based on what the trailer has shown, Light No Fire will likely be in the fantasy magic genre with Dragons, flying islands, unique creatures, and a variety of other details to remind players. about Middle-earth in Lord of The Ring. Players will be able to fly on the backs of Dragons, ride horses across vast fields, cut down trees to build houses, explore mysterious places, and confront mysterious giant creatures… All of it. brings a first impression that is extremely worth looking forward to.


The game belongs to the sandbox survival genre and will have online play mode with friends from the beginning. According to what is promised, players will be able to climb every mountain, dive into every body of water, and explore every corner of a Fantasy Earth. This will be a completely open world, and players will be able to choose to do everything they want. If these promises come true, Light No Fire will definitely be a game not to be missed for anyone who loves this genre.


However, it is also necessary to recall that Hello Games, before becoming a beloved studio like it is now, was famous for “under-promising” and “over-advertising the truth” for their games. Remember the time before No Man’s Sky came out, Sean Murray and his partner also made the gaming industry crazy by drawing beautiful scenarios for their beloved child. However, everyone knows what happened after that, No Man’s Sky was truly an extreme disappointment at the time it was released.

However, unlike other people who only know how to talk, Hello Games has spent the next many years constantly updating No Man’s Sky completely free of charge, and turning it into a game that still exists. far beyond what they ever promised. That’s why the brainchild of Sean Murray and his colleagues has many times become “Best On-going Game” in the hearts of fans. Hello Games has also become a studio that gamers love and look forward to.

The latest free update is called Echoes of No Man’s Sky

That said, to know that the feelings of gamers, as well as the writer himself, towards Light No Fire are certainly very complicated. Waiting? Sure. Over the years, Hello Games has proven its abilities to players. But to say that there is no doubt in it is not true, because after all, Sean Murray and his colleagues also had a “bad precedent”.

In any case, the writer himself hopes that Hello Games has learned from its profound experience, and that Light No Fire will be released in the most complete state possible. This will be an opportunity for the creator of No Man’s Sky to wash away the bad impressions of the past, to officially become a game company that every time it announces a new product, it will receive the full welcome of the community.


Of course, whether you expect or doubt, it will still take a long time for gamers to get their hands on Light No Fire. Because, as Sean Murray shared in The Game Awards 2023, the game is currently being developed by a team of just 12 people. Most likely, it will be at least 2025 before we have the opportunity to get our hands on this game.

Light No Fire now has its own page on Steam, but there’s no release date or anything like that yet. Players can currently only put the game on the “wishlist” and wait for Hello Games to “cook”.

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