Fans were quickly disappointed with Silent Hill: Ascension


Silent Hill: Ascension recently released a new trailer to explain all the intricacies of the game’s mechanics and systems Season Pass. Fans have started to turn away from the game due to reasons such as the operation screen being too cluttered while the story is shown and the way in-game items are charged.

Although the game’s user interface is quite eye-searing, it’s way Ascension fee is the aspect that makes most players uncomfortable. Silent Hill: Ascension was released for free as a new episode aired every day for months, and players voted to decide which route the characters would take in the story. However, it seems that not every player’s vote is worth the same as each vote is determined by the amount of “IP” the player possesses.

Players can earn IP by completing puzzles and participating in live story moments or purchasing the game’s Season Pass. Voting is completely free, but Season Pass buyers will own more IP and their votes will certainly have more influence on the story. If players want their votes to actually impact what happens in the game, they will have to log in daily, complete quizzes, and purchase the Season Pass.

Currently, Silent Hill fans are reacting quite negatively to the game. Some people consider the voting feature “pay to win” and an example of this Konami actually takes it literally when it comes to the phrase “vote with your wallet”. Others were confused that Silent Hill: Ascension was not considered a TV show even though the choices made in each episode had a certain outcome and identified the voting feature as an aspect that disappointed them. most hopeful.

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